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Originally Posted by Zap View Post
Wow! Flabbergasted!
I can't thank you enough for bringing this to my attention, Moni.

I can't stress enough how important it is that this be an original creation.
The reason this book even exists and the reasons for publishing it are very personal, but it is very important to me that there is no BS associated with this book.
I know chaka42's reputation from other forums and know her to be a straight shooter.
I would need to see proof that she has plagarized another's work before I would even entertain the notion that it took place.

Evo'D is disqualified and no longer welcome to submit to this project.
As i said, i'm not at all accusing chaka42 or even hinting at that she/he might have been inspired by someone else's work, only stating that even though there maybe so many ways to draw/create a purple turtle, I have seen something similar. I'll bring it to your attention once I find the link.

I posted my work for similar reasons as those you stated int he PM, good luck to all other contestants.