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SEO Tip of the Day for Monday, May 3, 2010 - Bounce Rate: Sexiest Metric Ever!

Analyzing Your Bounce Rate

How do you know whether your SEO efforts to drive traffic to your site is effective? One metric can help you determine whether your traffic is qualified: your bounce rate. In introducing a video on Bounce Rate, Google says:

If you could only choose one metric to look at, Bounce Rate might be your best choice.
Sure, sometimes a high bounce rate means the user came to the site, found the information they needed -- say a phone number to call and buy a product -- but most of the time a high bounce rate means your traffic is not qualified. Their needs and what your site provides dont match.

This short video by Google, shows you how to use Google Analytics to learn more about your bounce rate:
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For example, you can examine the bounce rate for keyword phrases, for traffic sources, and for entrance or landing pages.

Google defines bounce rate and offers some help on headline writing to decrease bounce rates.