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I don't think I have a favorite, MJ. I try to skim the new posts on most all major SEO blogs, including SEOmoz, SEO Theroy and a few others. With me, it's more about reading what certain individuals, who I believe to be knowledgeable and provide both reliable and interesting SEO related information from time to time. Individuals that don't hear the news from the grape vine and spin it in another way to share with their readers, or spoon feed us with only the need to know information (talking in riddles, so much fun!).

People like Glick, Eli, Fishkin, and Slawski for example are among the few I pay attention to and dedicate some time here and there to catch up with. They don't censor themselves, they don't echoe what everyone else is batting about, and while not all update their blogs with SEO related content as often as I would like, whenever they do, they don't disappoint.
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