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SEO Tip of the Day for Monday, May 17, 2010 - The Zen of SEO: Beginner's Mind

So You Think You Know SEO? If you’re reading these tips, you probably know you still have something to learn. But when we work in a field for years, we tend to get into a groove in which we think we know what we’re talking about. Fortunately, whenever I get in that rut, I make a statement and some SEO who knows more than I do corrects me -- usually in a public forum where I get the opportunity to admit I was wrong.

The good news is that the beginner’s mind is the best place to be. When we know that we don’t know, we are teachable, and the possibilities for success expand well beyond the horizon. Can you remember what it was like when you first starting learning about SEO? It was confusing, perhaps, but it was also exciting to think that you could acquire some skills that would greatly improve your website’s position or your prospects for a new job, perhaps. Remember how hungry for information you were? It was almost like learning to ride a bike!

Imagine what you could learn today if you were that open! Try approaching the forum or your favorite SEO blog today with that same open mind. Forget what you have already achieved, or what you did yesterday or a minute ago. Take a deep breath and look on the next moment empty of the past and see what you can learn.