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SEO Tip of the Day for Friday, May 21, 2010 - Quality Link Exhanges An Oxymoron?

Are quality and reciprocal links diametrically opposed? I don't think so. Link exchanges are not the ticket to the top that they once were, and having reciprocals as a large part of your backlink strategy is not what I recommend. But links with relevant sites can be perfectly natural. You might create a resource for users linking to other local businesses or tools that are helpful to your audience. It is perfectly natural to ask the other webmasters for the courtesy of a returned link, and some will give it to you, some wont. If you added the resources for the right reasons useful content for your visitors whether you get a link back wont matter. It also makes sense to exchange mini articles with relevant sites. You each add content of value to each others site and get a contextual link back. Good for the users, good for traffic and good for SEO.