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Originally Posted by WM-Scott View Post
Not sure about most powerful, but if possible, they should be 'relevant' to your niche.
Relevance *is* necessary for a link to be powerful!

Originally Posted by makemoneyfree View Post
I think it all depends on which site linking to your site. If you get one link from without PR site and another link from 2 PR site, then 2 PR site's link is more powerful.
Mmmm, well, I don't think that's a fair guide. If the site with no PR is relevant and the PR2 is not, guess what? I'd rather have the link from the unranked site.

Originally Posted by Puripong View Post
You can estimate how powerful of links by looking at their autoritative status. The other factor is how editorial they are, the more editorial the more trust Google would give to that site. Type of link has a little to do but almost no different.

Ex1. - One link from directory is worth 1000x compared to 1,000 links from noname directory submission.

Ex2. - Links from your published articles in is woth 100x compared to 1,000 links from garbage article directories.

Ex3 - One link from a "Big Name" company such as,,, is worth 10,000x compared to links from common sites with low trust.
Great post! Note that PageRank was never mentioned! There are other indications of quality that are probably far more reliable than Foolbar, I mean Toolbar PR.

Originally Posted by Voges12 View Post
I think signature on do follow forum is the ideal method for linking.It is much more easier to link from forum than any other interface.
I love forums. Clearly. But I don't really think they are a powerful link. Helpful, yes. Powerful? I am not so sure ... and you would think I might have enough to tell.
Originally Posted by Hafsoh View Post
The most important thing is that links you get are related, quality inbound links definitely will help to get higher SERP, the factors that we look at as being the most important are link relevance and quality.
Tell us how you judge quality, please.
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