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Originally Posted by nightcrawler View Post
But IMO if you do the calculations for calculating PR the PR2 link is considered more powerful. As long as that PR2 is not from bad neighbor hoods!
Maybe yes, maybe no. If we are talking toolbar PR okay ... but we know toolbar PR is worthless. At best an outdated reflection of where PR was in the past ... but if I am trying to get ranked for a term, and get traffic the relevant link is more powerful, IMO.

One of the reasons I believe we see so called "higher PR" sites outranked by "lower PR" sites is that there is so much more to it .. actual PageRank takes context and content of the source page into consideration if I am reading Google's new patent correctly: Ranking documents based on user behavior and/or feature data.

If poring over the patent is tedious, this analysis might be useful:

Originally Posted by thebitbotdotcom View Post
High PR links from related sites that contain relevant keywords...preferably site-wide...
Site wide? I was under the impression that site wide links are a tip off to Google that it's a paid link? And that G filters those in such a way to devalue them.
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