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Challenge: Really Helpful Link Building Tips

We’ve all read the threads on link building full of posts that list the same approaches over and over with no detail on how to do it.

Social Media
Links Exchanges
Directory Submissions
Press Releases
Article Marketing
Forum & Blog Commenting
I don’t think those posts or threads accomplish much more than to give the member a backlink. So, let's do something different here. My challenge to you is to ask you to post a constructive backlink building tip that might actually help someone build a stronger link profile.

I double dare you to offer something that no one else has mentioned in this thread and to provide enough detail to make it a valuable tip. Pretend you really want to help someone understand how to get quality backlinks. It might take more than a line or two, but I know you can do it, even if you have to go and Google “backlinks tips” and read a couple of posts elsewhere. (No cutting and pasting, though. Put it in your own words.)

Fresh, new ideas will get rep points, and for really good ones I will beg other mods to also award some green. It does not have to be about ‘followed’ links.

Here’s a couple to get you started:

1. Trade articles with other webmasters. Set up some Google Alerts with the keyword phrases for your niche. Read their websites and look for what they are missing. Write a short article and send it to them, offering to place a similar article of theirs on your site.

2. Stop worrying about whether links are followed when blog commenting or posting in forums. Instead, concentrate on relevance and make sure you provide quality information. If you help others, you will attract the interest of quality webmasters. If you truly have something to say, people will click on your signature links to get to know more about you. You’ll gain traffic and possibly more links.

Your turn now.