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Utilize your offline friendships and professional relationships to find some link buddies! Also, learn what the absolute selling point is of your site or offline services. Too many people jump right in and start building links the easiest way they know how. Sometimes a little sweat and elbow grease will get you much further than building links on blog comments, article directories, or social bookmarks. Google undoubtedly understands and utilizes the difficulty aspect and anywhere you can easily build yourself a link isn't going to count as much as a legit business-related site with very few outbound links.

Bigger companies really have an edge because they utilize every site they can to link up with. A plant can use distributors, big manufacturers can use retailers, and so on. These links matter folks and a blog comment or 700 sure seems easiest right away, but further down the road it will be clear that quality back links are the kind you have to connect with someone to obtain, or, create something that people link to or use on their own sites.

I know this isn't the most descriptive post ever, but it's a proven method that a lot of people overlook. It just varies so much from industry to industry so hopefully the examples above help. It's important to capitalize on your strengths rather than promote blindly.

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