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Link Building Tip: How's Your Profile?

Before you "build" another link, you might want to give some thought to your site's link profile. The more variety, the more “organic” it looks -- that is, the more likely it looks natural to the search engines.
  • Do most of your links to your home page use the same anchor text? A variety is natural.
  • What percentage of your IBLs (inbound links) are to your home page? It’s natural for most directory links to come to your home page, but true “citations” will most often go to internal pages. Strive for an ever increasing number of “deep links.”
  • Are most of your links reciprocals? Despite what some people say, there is nothing wrong with relevant reciprocal links (emphasis on relevant).
  • Where are your backlinks placed? The footer or side bar? In a list of links? Lists can look very like link farms and footer and sidebar links are often paid links. Try to have as many “contextual” links that are part of content as possible.
With more information in hand about the links you have, you can be more effective in your strategy to acquire natural looking IBLs.

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