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When building up your link you must keep in mind the overall concept about LinkBuilding which is really all about "awareness", Climbing the ranks of search engines to have your website(s) listed above the rest. By marketing your Product/Service you need to keep a direct connection with your target audience in whatever industry it is that you doing business.

Posting everywhere & anywhere just to spam your website to boost your rank is NOT the best idea. Dont attack every blog, or article you see just to gain rank and afew extra hits, only thing you acheive there is the awareness by everyone else your apart of the crowd which is expendable just like the websites possible future. Business is tough & so is running a website, but if you use all the possible resources available to you (alot can be learned free) than you can have the advantage that your competitors may not already.

I see alot of people at this board give the same advice, and Im part of that group as well since I like to recommend SN's, Blogs, Articles so im not different, but the biggest advice is do what you do best & do it well!!!. Instead of spamming or find tons & tons of blogs to post/get backlinks try other useful tatics.

A. Start Sponsorship programs
- Give back to your industry
- Give back to your audience
- Support someone else's casue or project.
(a helping hand goes along way, and those who appreaite it may become your future customers, to get you need to give & Sponsoring has always helped me gained awareness, I never lose even if I come out $0, Its Networking. If you sponsor someone online you get the banner on the site as Sponsored By: so it works)

B. Affilations- Join your Industies Circle, Find others who have the same concept/business/goals as you. The more affilates who work together to bring "MORE" business & "MORE" profits to the INDUSTRY means there is "MORE" money/percentage to share
- Instead of posting just on blogs & articles, take advantage of any affilate, refferel ect programs sites may have to offer.

C. Networking
- To me this is the biggest key of all. Meet people, discuss topics, help & offer useful tips/advice. People will have awareness that your someone who they can goto if they need to. Bottom line is if your running a site/business by yourself, if your doing everything then odd's is when your gone then your business is gone. Look at networking as being your "freelance employees/advertisers" spreading the word getting you attention while your away.

My tips arnt for getting you those 1000 backlinks in a week, My tips are for those backlinks of people & other sites that SUPPORT you & will continue to do so as time goes on. Marketing your Industry before you market yourself, the more people who come the more profits to share later!

Allowing people to have the option to "Affilate Link" With you is a good little backlink tip too. Gives members a way to show they support you & also gives you a linkback in return This always is a good option!

Some may not like this advice or overview, but bottom line is you only get what you deserve. Its not easy to be the best, be active, making tons of money, manage websites, its just not easy. You need to do things & do them the right way or prepare for a struggle for gaining business & profits with your competitors. Every day when 1 business goes down in your industry another 10 come to replace it.

If you need advice or help to questions ASK, Dont forget that ever! Also dont forget that when it comes time that you ran out of your own personal resources to do what you need done, is to PAY someone who can do what you need done.

But remember to know who your doing business with before you do pay, at the end of the day you get what you paid for. In this case, your site gets what its worth. Spam bogus links/comments everywhere then it's most possible thats a where your website is headed. Dont be scared to ask for help, but also be prepared to Pay for help & advertising, you can get the results your looking for even with a small budget, just take advantage of the resources that are available to you!

All Information is good information

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