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Thanks abunch ds :]

Hope others will consider some if not all what I wrote & the other aboves me. Some people dont understand that less is sometimes better, or the fact to get something you have to give. Everyone wants to make there business better, and everyone wants to make big bucks, so it's up to those who are willing to do what it takes & put the peices together on how they best fit for them. Nothings free or guarenteed easy just stick to what you do best & prepare for trial/error experiences. Someone who never makes mistakes, never learns anything!

Asking for help is always a POSITIVE thing! All information is good information just depends on what you do with the resources available to you

& your 100% right about folks basically get out what they put into it, Its pretty much flat-out rude when people look for backdoors, quick2boost & little-effort websites & webmasters looking for blogs ect to spam, to those of us who spent 1,000s of hours & cash and many days/nights working, learning, trying these concepts we've all learned. What works for one person may not work for another, but try your best & thats all anyone can ask! which means you don't need to ride EVERYONE else's best "(those who worked their ass of building those High Ranked website blogs)" just for you to trashem and gain rank. Gain Respect, Gain Following, Gain Awareness & guarenteed you'll gain business & profits.


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