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Originally Posted by TheRACK View Post
Thanks abunch ds :]

Hope others will consider some if not all what I wrote & the other aboves me. Some people dont understand that less is sometimes better, or the fact to get something you have to give. Everyone wants to make there business better, and everyone wants to make big bucks, so it's up to those who are willing to do what it takes & put the peices together on how they best fit for them. Nothings free or guarenteed easy just stick to what you do best & prepare for trial/error experiences. Someone who never makes mistakes, never learns anything!

Again Awesome job... many people jump into an internet business, only to find out in 3 to 6 months it is not what they thought. The gold is not falling from the sky, It actually requires work, not pushing a few buttons and the PC does the work for you. More people need to know the "truth" from folks like you who do not paint a pretty picture, do not sugar coat it, but delineate the realities of the business. (ps added you to list).
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