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Four Innovative Link Building Ideas

Sometimes you come across a gold mine. Rand Fishkin's video posted last Friday on the SEOMoz blog ( serves up four innovative ideas for link building that I had never heard of before:
  • Give Testimonials (yes, give)
  • Design Galleries
  • Help A Reporter Out (HARO)
  • Raw Numbers to Real Data

I am actually testing out number three by signing up at I'll let you know if I get a link out of it.

Number three. This is sort of an interesting one. Thanks to sites out there like HARO, which is Help a Reporter Out, and a few others, I think PR Newswire runs one as well, you can be a press source simply by combing through databases or lists of people who say, "Hey, I am a reporter in need of a story about a business that keeps dogs in their office and what the impact of having dogs around is. Can we interview you, show off your business?" Those stories when they get written about, they might appear in sources as big as "The New York Times" or as small as your local newspaper, but they appear online as well. When they do, that link will point back to your site giving you a link from a nice press resource, which is a great place to get a link.
Here are a couple of the HARO notices today:
  • Medical Expert Needed to Provide Tips! (EmpowHER - Women's Health Media)
  • Successfully self-employed people wanted for video interviews (Life Of The Freelancer)
  • What do you do to keep your employees happy? (The New York Enterprise Report)
  • Is your site taking advantage of mobile devices? (Exploit Online Demand Blog) (I'm pitching a client's mobile real estate app for this story.)
  • Great girlfriend getaways that are transformative (World Footprints (blog & possible radio interview))

You don't have to watch the video; there's a transcript on the post:

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