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Today I'm adding tags and categories to a test blog that will be exported and become the converted site for my last hand coded website. I just don't have time to maintain or redo an entire hand coded site with 80+ pages to it anymore! I want to get back to adding things to said site along with all the others I have going!

This weekend I realized I have to update my portfolio site as I'm nearly 6 months into a new job title! In that time I've had 2, soon to be 3 training classes and taken on or completed more projects than I care to count!

I'm also trying to come up with something cool to give my 9 yr old for his birthday on Monday! I already have a guest code for MineCraft (his latest game addiction... think virtual Legos with monsters to blow things up for you!) I'll have to figure something out that might equal a trip to H20asis, the water park, with his sister and grandparents tho!

Anyway off to eat lunch.... fresh home made spring rolls! Surprisingly easy to make and CHEAP too!