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Lightbulb Link Authority on a Website


I posted this question in the past but didn't get a decent answer -- so hoping someone can give me a better understanding as to how the following scenario works.

If we were to have a site-wide contextual link, say one sentence and two anchor texts which were linked to two different URLs but sharing the same root domain, would both links get the same authority or perhaps one get more than other?


"Get a cheap hotel room from this company and save over 25% on your Florida Vacation."

First Anchor Text: cheap hotel
First Link:

Second Anchor Text: Florida Vacation
Second Link:

As you can see both of the links share the same root domain, but pointed to a different folder/page. My question is, would for instance 'cheap hotel' get more authority/weight over 'Florida vacation' or would both get the same authority? These are two in-content links on say a website which has PA and DA of 85.

Thank you in advance,

PS: Presuming I haven't blocked spider access to any of the two pages.

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