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SEO Tip of the Day: Saturday, July 9, 2011 -Remarkable Content Checklist

Following up on yesterday's tip, I thought it would make sense to examine what makes remarkable content. After all, we aren't just looking for links, we also want to cause people to comment or 'remark' on it in Twitter or some other social network.

From Hubspot's Ultimate Checklist for Remarkable Content:


1. Would your target audience share it? Sure, not everything on this list has to be true for every piece of content you create in order to make it remarkable, but this one is the exception. Think about my earlier example of the fishing article. To me, content about fishing isn't remarkable, but maybe I'm not the target audience for the author of the fishing pole article. The point is, your content doesn't have to be remarkable to everyone. It just has to be remarkable to your target audience. Before you publish your content, ask yourself if it's something you think your prospects will want to read and share with others. Is it something worthy of their remarks? If so, it's probably remarkable.
What else makes content remarkable? Read 7 more items: