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SEO Tip of the Day: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 - InfoGraphic Neatly Sums Up SEO

Sometimes graphics are the best way to grasp a topic. I found myself drawn to this “info-graphic” from RMI that outlines what the company calls a “comprehensive approach to achieving online dominance in any category in any category.”

I am not I agree with the relative sizes of the bubbles. I would, for example, make off site influences larger than on site, but I still like the visual checklist. New SEOs or DIY webmasters can learn a lot from it.

(Larger version here:

The SEO Takeway here isn’t about the 40 tactics, and how they fit together, imo; it’s about creating content that catches attention. How did they catch mine? They sent out a press release on PRWeb, the San Francisco Chronicle picked it up and posted it with a headline, Forty SEO Tips to Achieve Category Domination, that popped up when I was searching SEO news in Google this afternoon.

If you like the graphic and just have to have it as a poster for your office, guess what: they will send you one free if you email: