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SEO Tip of the Day: Wed., July 13, 2011 - Twitter: Time To Influence Your Followers

Twitter: It Takes Time To Increase Your Influence

It's not a numbers game, at least not entirely! Itís a matter or influence. Are you followers following you? I donít just mean, have they added you? I mean, are they paying attention? Can you drive traffic, are you getting ReTweeted? And who is ReTweeting you? And are you taking the time to connect with your followers and those you follow?

Weíve all read about how to increase your followers, and most of those ideas are all about the numbers, but quantity doesn't count without quality in teh social media world. So, how do you increase your influence? I think there are at least three parts to the equation.

First and foremost, you have to share information that is useful and interesting to those who follow you. Your influence with those who follow you will increase in direct proportion to that factor; the higher the value of your Tweets, the higher your credibility and power to drive traffic, convert leads and increase your circle.

The next factor is the relationships you establish with those who follow you. If you are simply squawking, I mean Tweeting, at them, you arenít really connecting, are you? When your followers ask a question, or Tweet about their own blog post, make the effort to answer them or comment on their blog. Obviously you canít do this with every follower, but you can do it with those who post content that naturally interests you.

Assuming you are offering good content and know how to engage successfully with your connections, it makes sense to add folks whom you hope will follow you. Look for someone with something to say that you like. This might seem obvious, but I know a lot of folks just add anyone hoping it will lead somewhere. I like searching with relevant keywords, and adding those who feel relevant or like-minded. It's the best Twitter directory I've found so far.

And I recently found a great list that brought me unexpected success: the 40 most approachable social media A Listers on Twitter. I ran across the list on Twitter. I didnít start adding them to gain followers, though I certainly hoped they would follow me back. I added them because I thought they might have something to teach me.

I also took the time to DM each person I added to congratulate them on making such a list or remarking on something else we seemed to have in common. And I didnít add every single person. I looked at their Tweets and their bio to see if itís a fit. In the end, I might have added only a few people but they are connections that have the potential to matter.

As it happens, most of them followed me back, and I was tickled about that Ė and not surprised; after all, they made the list because they are approachable. But the bonus was, I gained almost 3 followers for every one I added. Do each of those followers matter? I wonít know until some time passes, but thatís what relationships take: time.