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SEO Tip of the Day: Friday, July 15, 2011 - Undermining The Competition’s Paid Links

In the wake of Google’s continued assault on paid links, buying or selling links might seem too risky to you. So, what if your competition is still buying links willy nilly, and while you feel it isn’t fair, you’re not quite willing to take steps to report the sites where you suspect your rivals have bought links? How can you fight back?

Many of those webmasters may have sold those links without being aware of the risks, says Gab Goldberg, author of Advanced SEOs’ 7 Curiously Obvious Rules And 30 Singular Tactics That Illustrate Them.

You can use that to your advantage? You can teach the link sellers about the risks in selling links. For example, the Google approved solution is to use nofollow on paid links. And nofollow allows the link seller to honour the contract while protecting their site. After all, if the link buyer didn’t say anything about risk... they also probably said nothing about dofollow or nofollow.

Perhaps you might offer the worried webmaster a javascript alternative to the plain html link, or code and instructions for a 302 temporary redirect?

Or perhaps the link-selling site can be bought out. That can be especially interesting if most of your competitors’ link strength derives from a few sites, as with the case of blogrolls.
Goldberg also discusses the ethics and wisdom of disclosing the risks to webmasters where you may care to purchase links.

You can read more of Golderberg’s wisdom in the free chapter of his book.