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SEO Tip of the Day: Sat. 7/16/2011 - 8 Lessons from Pickup Artists for Link Builders

Best advice for link builders: grow a thick skin, says Ben Wills, Ontolo, in his post, 8 Lessons from Pickup Artists for Link Builders.

You have to change your perspective, Wills, says and repeats an old sales motivational story to show you how:
... guy who sells door to door and consistently makes only one sale out of 20 people he talks to. That sale, let’s say, gets him a $1,000 commission. He just can’t seem to get over that 1 out of 20. He thinks “Wow. 19 out of 20 people aren’t interested in what I’m offering. I must be pathetic!”

After long enough of feeling down on himself - 19 out of 20! -, he decides something has to change. He decides to try and change his perspective. And this is what he changes: Instead of seeing that 19 out of 20 people aren’t buying, why not consider that the commission, $1,000, is pretty consistently generated every 20 people I talk to? So….each person I talk to is like the equivalent of making $50!

The story goes on say that after each person who rejected him, he would say “Thanks for the $50!”
I like the concept of taking every “no” as one step closer to a yes. If you know there will be 19 rejections, you can tick each one off as progress to your success. After all, you know it’s coming! So, track your results so you can count on your success.

Read the rest of the post, for 7 more lessons you can take to the bank.