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SEO Tip of the Day: Wed. July 20, 2011 - Trick A Black Hatter: Get Links!

Black Hat Works – How To Make It Work For You And Keep Your White Hat In Place!

If you follow my posts on V7N, you probably already know what I think if Black Hat tactics – too risky! But what if you could trick Black Hatters into building links to your site? Sounds worth a gamble to me.

That’s the innovative link building technique laid out by Jason Capshaw a post today on Search Engine Journal. Black Hatters are not big on building content; Capshaw says, and often scrape other websites to generate their sites. The process is automated, and the process runs something like this:

  1. Black hatter builds site own specific niche, like “Digital Cameras”
  2. He scrapes the Google Blog search for the most recent posts related to “Digital Cameras”
  3. He scrapes the sites featured in the blog search and steals the content, posting it to his WordPress blog
  4. He automatically gathers inbound links to these pages at a heavy rate, usually from a large link network that he has set up, scraping content to do so.
  5. He repeats the process over and over again until Google finally bans his domain and hopefully has made his money from the affiliate or ads on his site.
You take advantage of being scraped by placing links in your content back to your site.

The key to making your stolen content work for you is to include back links in your post to your site. This can be manual links or related posts at the end of your post. Most black hat SEOs do not remove the links inside of a post. It is less likely that they will be reported for spamming if they leave the links intact.

Plus, removing the links requires more processing time and is not in their best interest to do so. This leaves you with a great inbound link opportunity.
Capshaw also explains how to set up your RSS feed to make your content more likely to be found by scrapers. Read the rest of the technique: