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Originally Posted by caspernick View Post
I just read an article about SEO, being new to the field I paid attention to the links in the article and what the author was trying to get across. His first suggestion was DMOZ, so I filled in the stuff and have heard nothing from them. I realize it takes time, and that they say not to re-submit, but does anyone have a realistic time frame of how long it takes and if it truly is worth it anymore?
You won't get a reply, the site suggest tool is simply that, you suggest a site and editors may or may not use the suggestions, but you will not be updated on the suggestion.

No-one can give a realistic time frame, I submitted one site and it was listed after a week, I submitted another site and it was listed after 12 months. Some sites I submitted may have been simply deleted, who know's.

The best advice I can give you is to suggest your sites and move on to other directories, dwelling on one submission to one directory may cause you to detract from your overall web marketing strategy.
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