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Originally Posted by Donnie View Post
There is no right or wrong, best SEO practices are done by helping a user learn something new. People (users) go online to get information, interact, and buy things.

You are better off writing one really good article and sharing it with many people on social networks and getting your links CLICKED ON rather than just have 10 less qualitative articles written with no one to click on it.

Not to mention the fact that you are taking a risk and one day you might lose all of your rankings.

What your doing is spamming in a sense, I dont want to read 5 articles. I only want to read one article, and preferably a good one : )

After I read a good article I share it, I bookmark it, I learned from it, and I click on some of the links... I dont rewrite it for my users. I would rather spend my time coming up with unique content for them.

Totally agree. SEO must be focus on people. Google's Matt Cutts said hundreds of times that even if your website is not entirely "seoed", but you have great content, you will rank better.

Of course SEO will help google and others to read and understand your content, however, make it to people. Why not publishing your content in one site only, and get it promoted by social media? Get clicks, google will follow.
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