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SEO Contest

A while back Chris Ridings at SearchGuild announced an SEO contest wherein the target phrase was "nigritude ultramarine". It was an interesting concept which didn't really reveal anything new - the winner was the guy with the most links. A pretty much foregone conclusion, but one that finally put an end to the "optimized copy" / "seo copywriting" school of thought.

Participants in the competition, including this site, benefited by being in the SERPs and receiving tens of thousands of visitors who found the particpant after Googling "nigritude ultramarine".

But that was 2003, and this is a different age with a different Google. Some people are saying that SEO is dead. That Google killed it. It's impossible to SEO any more.

I disagree. I think that SEO is more of a professional practice now than any time in the past. In the past, SEO was nothing more than simple Google bombing. Nowadays you have to pay attention and spend more than a couple hours reading SEO forums to understand search engine optimization.

So it has occured to me to host an SEO contest, in the hopes that we may all learn from the results. I'm certain that we can learn from both the winners and the losers.

So, I'm announcing an SEO contest. Here are the Specifics:

Goal: To win, you must place 1st in Google (organic SERPs) for the keywords

Start Date: Jan 15, 2006

Finish Date: May 15, 2006

First Prize: $4,000 ($1,000 from v7n, $1,000 from Skaffe and Sporge Directory, and $2,000 from ShoeMoney = Total $4,000)

Second Prize: $500

Third ~ Fifth Places: $100 Each

Now I may be a nice, generous person, but I'm not giving away money for free. In order to qualify, the page must have a link back to the v7n home page. Participants who don't maintain a link to the v7n home page will be disqualified. (We are not specifying the type of link - that's entirely at your discretion.)

The target keywords will be two words a la nigritude ultramarine. The target keywords will be announced on Jan 15, 2006, 12 noon, Pacific time.

UPDATE: Please see Private SEO Forum Thread (must register to view) for updates to rules.