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Greg Boser

When we started the SEO Contest, I knew there would always be a few people who would detract from it. There's always some oddball out there who wants to assign evil motives to anything done.

For this reason, when we announced the contest I included in the first post a statement that would make it clear that our requirement of a link to v7n was not in order to acquire search engine indexable links.

Originally Posted by JohnScott
We are not specifying the type of link - that's entirely at your discretion.
Later on, when a contestant asked which type of link we prefer, I replied:

Originally Posted by JohnScott
the link can be JavaScript. Or it can have a nofollow attribute. It just has to be human-clickable.
To most qualified SEO's, that would indicate that the contest was not requiring SE indexable links.

Unfortunately, this is the Internet, and few people actually read before they type, and one such fellow is Greg Boser. Greg failed to read even the first post in the SEO contest thread and promptly announced that I am doing the contest with the evil ulterior motive of duping hopeless webmasters into giving v7n thousands of search engine indexable links.

He has announced a counter offer:

Now, remember, this is the SEO industry, and the SEO industry is held to a lower standard than most, so there are going to be many who neglect to even read the contest thread and make wildly inaccurate announcements, one of these being's Loren Baker, who announced:
v7n hopes to build its PageRank above its current ranking of 5
He also says:

* incoming link PR trickles to its Seven Seek web directory, which may also benefit
* brings Seven Seek’s internal listings above the current PR 1 rankings
* which gives web publishers a reason to pay to list their sites in the directory
And also,

Yikes, forced linking to enter a Google SEO contest which will pay the top site $1,000.

The fact is, the contest is a fun way of learning SEO, and we do not require SE indexable links. In fact, we have suggested from the beginning that contestants do not use SE indexable links.

Long story short, it is my opinion that Greg Poser is a contest troll. He is simply trying to hijack the publicity that the contest has created to give himself publicity.

He also did so in such a way as to prove himself willingly un-informed. Usually we do not cater to trolls, but in his case we must offer him thanks because he has generated even more publicity for our contest.

Thanks, Greg!
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