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Originally Posted by sej

There is nothing on the contest page that says contestants can use a no follow link for entering the contest. On the contrary, your *original*post states that “We are not specifying the type of link - that’s entirely at your discretion.”

Loren, if you're going to write an article, at least read the thread. You would have seen me say:
the link can be JavaScript. Or it can have a nofollow attribute. It just has to be human-clickable.

Originally Posted by sej
As an alternative to blasting the news post because I mention Bower’s contest in the same breath, you could atleast try and clear things up. Why even do so? Because you claim that the contest is an effort to educate publishers on the forms of SEO which are working with Google. Since education is the mission of the contest, then why not also educate your entrants that a specific no follow code can be used… instead of attacking me or my credibility.
Your credibility needs attacking. Did you contact me? Did you do any kind of research at all? Did you even read the whole thread or even just the whole first post?

You say we are doing this for PR? Huh. Then why would we suggest the use of non PR-passing links?

When you do not do research and write, you get yourself in a situation like this.

Originally Posted by sej
By requiring a link back you are also raising the eyebrows of the search community to the consequences of entering your contest and becoming associated via link grouping with sites which may be involved in questionable manipulation of search inddexes in order to achieve such ranking. Even if a no follow is being used on the link itself, that link is still trackable by quality editors in the business, and still indexed by engines in some occasions.
Loren, if anybody does not want to take part in the contest, they don't have to. We took part in the NU contest as a forum, and it was fun. We didn't mind the banner we had to put on the page, and no animals were killed in the course of the contest. You want to fabricate a story for your SEJ, go ahead. You need a bad guy for your story, so you chose me. Fine. But don't get upset when your credibility takes a walk. That was your choice.

Originally Posted by sej
I’m not blasting your contest in any way, just addressing a concern which you have brought upon the contest due to your requirements. Your link baiting method is smart, and will be monitored throughout the SEO community and by Google… Greg’s identification of the hole in your requirements and the concerns of such a linking campaign is just as valuable to not only our readers, but all practicioners of SEO.
You were not only blasting the contest, you were blasting me, you made thinly veiled threats to snitch to Matt Cutts, and you made thinly veiled threats against the status of any website linking to v7n or participating in the contest. Considering all that, I don't see you having a single iota of credibility, considering that you based it all on, in your own words, "forced linking to enter a Google SEO contest", which was inaccurate and untrue from the beginning.
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