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Well, I feel sorry for them, all of Iraq, and more so in a few years if not
sooner, becouse we are setting grounds now to pull out and leave.

I hope europe takes over, but thats like wishing for ALL peace in the world
it's just not realistic.

And sence Iraq is closer to europe, I fear the worst.
I won't go into the details, becouse we all know what will happen after
we pull out. And all you have to do is read and watch the news to know
that the dem's are now proceeding to take away the power given to Bush
so we can pull out.

I myself after we pull out, will quit visiting europe, becouse it will be to dangerous to visit.
and when that day comes that we pull out, I will make a post reminding you all.
so europe, I think this is your chance now, to step up to the bat and show the americans
how to deal with Iraq.

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