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Old 04-19-2013, 02:29 AM
AleXanDr. AleXanDr. is offline
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Allow comments or not?

Is it best to allow comments on a blog? Does Google give those with comments a higher ranking?

I'm not sure whether to switch mine on as I currently have them off.



Old 04-19-2013, 06:38 AM
snakeair snakeair is offline
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How to you expect to communicate with your blog followers and understand there views on each blog post if you do not enable the comment feature?

If you don't enable the comment feature, you might as well turn your blog into an article directory.
Old 04-19-2013, 09:33 AM
Sprinkler Buddy's Avatar
Sprinkler Buddy Sprinkler Buddy is offline
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You can moderate the comments and not approve the spam comments.
Old 04-19-2013, 11:15 AM
technol's Avatar
technol technol is offline
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It depends what website software you are using.

Most have the comments visible under the article, but they do so in two different ways.

Some have comments that, although they are viewed on the same page, are actually (from a file point of view) on a different page. Those comments have no effect on the way Google sees the original article as it sees the comments as being on a different page despite them being visible on the same page as the article.

Other website creation software does have the comments on the same page. If you have correctly SEO'd your original article the comments will have a detrimental effect on your Google ranking if, for example, the comments result in your keywords or key phrases being repeated too many times.

As Snakeair says, though, if visitors are interacting with your site then they, and their friends, are likely to return, and in the long run this can more than overcome any other SEO consideration.
Old 04-19-2013, 12:28 PM
webhostors webhostors is offline
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Turn it on but moderate the comments. Configure to make them in pending status before approval. User participation through comments will make your site look interesting for google. Irrelevant comments will weaken your keyword optimization and SEO of the post
Old 04-19-2013, 12:46 PM
ScriptMan's Avatar
ScriptMan ScriptMan is offline
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Moderate. You have to do that and if you are using a well known CMS turn off pingbacks or they will drive you crazy with with worthless spam.
Old 04-22-2013, 05:22 AM
MattStephenKtm MattStephenKtm is offline
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I don't think turning off the comments will decrease your rankings. But blogs without comments are boring!
Old 04-22-2013, 06:55 PM
MikeQ's Avatar
MikeQ MikeQ is offline
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The only risk is you would get lots of spam, you have to moderate your blog heavily, if you are willing to do this thing then of course, blog comment would help as it provides unique content to your site..
Old 04-25-2013, 05:17 AM
yapaa's Avatar
yapaa yapaa is offline
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Blog commenting gives one way link to your site and it takes 2-3 months for comments approval..
Old 04-25-2013, 11:34 PM
batteryworld batteryworld is offline
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I often turn off the comments.
Old 04-25-2013, 11:47 PM
HTMLBasicTutor's Avatar
HTMLBasicTutor HTMLBasicTutor is offline
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Originally Posted by batteryworld View Post
I often turn off the comments.
Old 04-27-2013, 09:48 AM
mohitmathur's Avatar
mohitmathur mohitmathur is offline
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In my opinion Comment is the way a blog is complete, say for instance you presented an Idea about
How to write a killer Article?
But how will you know that idea that you presented is worth talking about or is there any other ways to write a killer article.

Disallowing comments sometimes is treated is Blogger not open to criticism or discussion.

I am not mentioning here Backlinking, SEO and Pageranking. Just to see the coin without all this stuff.

Old 04-28-2013, 11:11 PM
torrado torrado is offline
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You can turn on your comments on your blog. it's not effect ranking of your blog.
Old 04-28-2013, 11:25 PM
AnnieR AnnieR is offline
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Comments in your blog can make you connected with your blog readers. For example you write a post relevant to mobile os installation and your reader gets a doubt and if you have enabled comments he can communicate with you via comments. For example look at this communication via blogger and his readers. http://thisisseo.blogspot.com/2013/0...y-bean-in.html
Old 04-28-2013, 11:51 PM
Snooks's Avatar
Snooks Snooks is offline
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Mate.....comments are "Golden". Dont you want interaction with your readers? I would love comments....its what every blog should strive for. Now you may get a bit of unwanted spam but that is easy to monitor and delete if required.

Comments, questions, these things all allow you to build rapport, showcase your products or display your expertise in the subject.

Without comments your blogs look unused, they look bare, bland and do not hold the readers interest.
Old 04-29-2013, 12:40 AM
afoley77 afoley77 is offline
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You should have to moderate blog comment..If you find any spam comment then you can remove it otherwise allow it..As we all know that blog commenting helps in growing friendly relation ship with others, comments also attracts others to participate in the on going discussions and your blog will more preferred by Google..
Old 04-29-2013, 12:48 PM
Registernuke's Avatar
Registernuke Registernuke is offline
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Originally Posted by AleXanDr. View Post
Is it best to allow comments on a blog?
I'm not sure whether to switch mine on as I currently have them off.
In regards to your question first of all, the answer could really depend on what are you looking to accomplish with your blog. In other words, is the purpose of your blog just to relate your thoughts, vent on a certain subject matter and write about your mental thoughts or soliloquy? Then you do not necessarily need to have comments on since clearly you are not looking for any feedback or response.

On the other hand, is the purpose of your blog to bring traffic? Is the purpose of your blog to stir up controversy or strike up a conversation. Is the purpose of your blog to have a discussion within the community. Then it would be the course of wisdom to leave comments on because then you are clearly and definitely looking for feedback and other people's viewpoint on a certain subject matter.
Old 04-29-2013, 04:46 PM
deryaSavas's Avatar
deryaSavas deryaSavas is offline
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WeB log = Blog = it is your subject matter of interest which you share your energy online (on internet) and if you are disabling comments, then, as the above comment suggests =

"If you don't enable the comment feature, you might as well turn your blog into an article directory."

There is nothing more to say to that.
And to give you an idea as to why that is:

Simply imagine the entire "Blogosphere" right now, and by the time it takes you reading these replies, how many new blog posts have been created? Really do think about that number (the answer will shock you)

And if a visitor came to your blog, read it, interested enough to comment, then surely you need to allow them to do so. Because, s/he could just as well be on another blog out of millions that exists on Blogosphere.
Old 04-30-2013, 02:56 AM
contech contech is offline
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You should, You can even use the spammers to make your blog more lively? HOW? Simply moderate the post, remove their hyperlinks that is included on their comment then of course only approve comments that is relevant to your topic.

Nice right?
Old 05-01-2013, 01:42 AM
mianasad mianasad is offline
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Comment On Blog Is essential .they keeps The visitor touch up with the Blog .
return Back to your blog .in this way you Can get one return visitor
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