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Get All 200 Articles (62,000+ Words) - 9 Different Niche w/ Instant Download for $99

Get All 200 Articles (62,000+ Words) - 9 Different Niche w/ Instant Download for $99 - Click Here

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Glad You Asked!

Golf Articles

Content Articles
Golf - A Simple Guide to Buying Used Golf Clubs(312)
Golf – Avoid Sway in the Golf Swing(327)
Golf – Best Way to Grip the Golf Clubs(341)
Golf – Do You Know How To Improve Your Game(31
Golf – Easy Tips To Learn Golf Alone(384)
Golf - Exercises To Improve Your Golf Game(334)
Golf – Golf Clubs For Women(311)
Golf – Golf Chip Shots(333)
Golf – Golf Course Manners(320)
Golf - Golf Etiquettes(32
Golf - Golf Improvement Drills(323)
Golf - Golf Vacations in Scotland(335)
Golf – Hitting Solid Golf Shots(315)
Golf – How to Hit a Golf Ball Right(346)
Golf – How to Improve Golf Swing Speed(317)
Golf - How To Improve Your Golf Game(346)
Golf – Improve Your Golf Slice Today(317)
Golf – Learn Basics of Chipping(33
Golf- Learn Golf Alone(443)
Golf – Maintenance and Cleaning Of Your Golf Carts(326)
Golf - Most Effective Swing Tips(326)
Golf – Shoes Are One Of The Most Important Golf Equipment(317)
Golf - Things That Your Kids Can Learn From Golf(315)
Golf – Tips to Cure the Shank Shot(329)
Golf – Tips to Improve Your Golf Playing Abilities(335)
Golf – Why Is Golf Known As A Gentleman’s Game(321)

(26 Golf Articles- over 8000 words, $30)

Business Articles

Content Articles
Advantages of direct mail for small companies

Attract the traffic to increase your business sales online - 387
Background checks of employees - 417 words

Business-Best ways to market your business locally - 308

Business- Role of testimonials in online business - 362

Business Communication - 331

Business location- Questions to consider in selecting the business location - 326

Business-Checklist for business startups - 346

Business – Different Styles of Business Cards - 400

Enhance your business through blog-367

Getting benefits from a trade show if you are exhibiting-410
Grow the business through changes-372
How to back up data for a small business-410
How to market the business locally-378
How to tap the senior market for your product-365
How to thank your customer446
Business – Use E-mail marketing to expand your business - 331
How to write a Sales Letter-381
Keep in touch with the customers through your company newsletter-374
Make the luxury cards for your businesses-308
Make your business green-395
Redesigning your brand-358
Steps for a perfect marketing plan-365
Steps for direct mail campaign-430
Things to consider when pricing the products-341
Tips to deal with difficult customers in online business-341
Ways to thank your customer-339
Ways to thrive in business and reject the recession-412

(28 Business Articles- over 9000 words, $32)

Acne Articles

Content Articles
Use Acne Cleansers – Control Your Acne with Acne Cleansers(33
Treatment for Acne – Vitamin A for Acne(311)
Control Acne – Simple Ways to Control Acne(347)
Acne- Treatment plan for acne
Acne Treatment – Tips to Treat Acne At Home.(380)
Acne Treatment – Is Herbal and Natural Treatment Good for Your Acne Skin(327)
Acne Treatment – Dry Out!(337)
Acne Some Solutions - 352
Acne Scary acne - 318
Acne Prevention in acne spread-327
Acne- Options to avert acne-355
Acne- One step ahead in acne care-334
Acne- Natural remedy for acne- 347
Acne- How to avoid acne-364
Acne Home Remedy – Acne Cure Natural Remedies.(343)
Acne Home Remedy – 7 Ways to Cure Your Acne(365)
Acne Home Remedies – Best Tips to Cure Acne At Home(340)
Acne Home Remedies – Best Acne Home Remedies.(345)
Acne Home Remedies – 5 Free Tips to Treat Acne At Home(346)
Acne- Dietary factor in acne problem - 345
Acne Cure – Is Poor Hygiene the Cause of Acne(341)
Acne Cure – How To Cure Acne(325)
Acne Cure – Cure Acne At Home with Lemon Juice.(344)
Acne- Curbing acne spread - 334
Acne Control – Best Acne Control(339)
Acne- Conceal your acne - 324
Acne- Body acne care - 330
Acne- Acne mitigation procedure - 340
Acne Acne healing tips - 343
Acne- Acne comes in variation-329
Acne Acne care for Oily Skin-349
Acne – When To Start Treating Acne - 319
Acne – What Are the Main Causes Of Acne - 323
Acne – Variations In Acne - 325
Acne – The Reasons Of Acne - 333
Acne – Some Facts About Acne - 307
Acne – Preventing Acne The Natural Way - 319
Acne – Loose Acne in as less as three days - 314
Acne – Get Rid Of It On Your Own - 327
Acne – Cosmetic Surgery for Acne(327)
Acne – Acne Treatment Vitamins - 321

(41 Acne Articles- over 13000 words, $40)

Depression Articles

Content Articles
Depression – Anti Depressants
Depression - Causes of Depression
Depression – Connection Between Depression and Memory Loss
Depression - Consequences of Unchecked Depression
Depression - Cure Depression by Changing Diet
Depression – Curing Depression Naturally
Depression – Deal with Depression the right way
Depression - Depression among Teenagers
Depression - Depression in Children
Depression – Depression in men
Depression - Depression in the elderly
Depression - Fighting with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
Depression – Finding the best way out of depression
Depression – Depression in Teens
Depression – How to beat depression effectively
Depression – How to manage yourself in depression
Depression - Make Money in a Depression
Depression - Natural Remedies for Depression
Depression – Should I rely on medication to beat depression
Depression – Signs of Depression in Men
Depression – simple ways to fight depression
Depression - Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
Depression – The Best Ways to Deal With Depression
Depression – The Final Solution to Depression
Depression – Top Three Ways to Deal with Depression
Depression - Types of depression
Depression – What can I do to counter depression
Depression – What can you do to beat depression

(28 Depression Articles- over 8500 words, $32)

Muscle Building Articles

Content Articles
Muscle building – all about muscle building foods
Muscle building – balanced diet and appropriate exercise
Muscle building – beginners should pay attention to compound exercises
Muscle building – familiarize yourself with some majestic foods for muscle building
Muscle building – four effective muscle building tips
Muscle building – free weights are good for muscle building
Muscle building – get ready for efficient muscle building
Muscle building – let's learn the proper technique for squats
Muscle building – muscle building is easy if you follow a constructive approach
Muscle building – muscle building is possible with a constructive approach
Muscle building – promising benefits of squats
Muscle building – Red Meat, spinach, Broccoli and turkey are effective for muscle building
Muscle building – six wonderful advantages of squats
Muscle building – some benefits of performing squats
Muscle building – some delicious foods for muscle building
Muscle building – three effective foods for muscle building
Muscle building – three most powerful advantages of free weights
Muscle building – tips for effective muscle building

(18 Muscle Building Articles- over 5000 words, $20)

Dog Articles

Content Articles
Dogs – How to take care of your dog effectively
Dogs – How to train your dog in 5 days or less
Dogs – Keeping your dog healthy
Dogs – Main advantages of keeping a dog
Dogs – Should you get a dog for your kids
Dogs – Should you get your dog health insurance
Dogs – Taking care of your dog (Mans best friend)
Dogs – What kind of health care does a dog need
Dogs – When is it time to take the dog to the vet
Dogs – Which foods are bad for your dog

(10 - Dog Articles – Over 3000 words – Buy Now - $10)

Online Marketing Articles

Content Articles

online marketing is competitive
Online marketing is worthy
Online marketing plan
online marketing, Augmenting online promulgation
online marketing, be concise while marketing online
online marketing, boost online marketing
online marketing, cost effectiveness in online marketing
online marketing, define online target market
online marketing, Effective online marketing
online marketing, Grab your share online
Online marketing, learn to market online
online marketing, Merits of online marketing
online marketing, online traffic mania
online marketing, Salience of Web in marketing
online marketing, strategy matters in online marketing
online marketing, unveil online marketing

(16 - Online Marketing Articles – Over 4800 words – Buy Now - $1

Weight Loss Articles

Content Articles

Lose Weight – How can your doctor help to lose weight(356)
Lose Weight – How medicines help to lose weight
Lose Weight – Some basics to lose weight(313)
Lose Weight – Why is it important to have a weight loss plan(313)
Lose Weight – Why is it important to plan your weight loss(334)
weight loss 5 ways for permanent change in your body
Weight Loss – How to deal with Weight Loss in the right way
Weight loss – How training can help you to lose weight
Weight Loss – Weight Loss without Effort
Weight loss different metabolic reactions
weight loss- efficient way
Weight Loss- Important Tips to Lose weight
weight loss some useful tips for weight loss
Weight Loss- Weight Loss Disadvantages
Weight Loss- Weight Loss Methods
Weight Loss-Weight Loss and pregnancy

(16 - Weight Loss Articles – Over 4500 words – Buy Now - $1

Cars Articles

Content Articles
Cars - Advantages and Disadvantages of a used car
Cars - Advantages of Hybrid Cars
Cars – Car Driving Basics for a New Driver
Cars - Convertible Cars
Cars - Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars
Cars - How to choose the right color for your car
Cars - How to wash your car easily
cars - types of car washing
Cars - Waterless Car Wash
Cars - Waterless Car wash.
Cars - What you need to know about accident car insurance
Cars - Young Driver Car Insurance
Cars- How to paint a car
Cars- Tips to protect car paint
Cars- Why should you paint your car
Cars- Modify your Car in a Budget

(17- Car Articles – Over 5000 words – Buy Now - $1


BUY THEM ALL – 200 Articles

Get Them All For a Whippy - $99!

(PLR) - Defined
All my articles are 100% original and Copyscape passed, I'm literally giving these high-quality articles away. You are getting 200 original articles for $99; less than $.50 per article! I guarantee you won't content of this quality
this price anywhere else!

These articles are offered as PLR (Private label Rights), This means that you are permitted to use these articles for your own use and from your own sites. These articles are not to be sold or given away inside the IM Industry.

P.S. If you want exclusive rights, Contact me on vaibhavtheripper@gmail.com or vaibhavtheripper@hotmail.com

You are allowed to use these articles for; your own personal use, gifts to your customers (outside of IM), bonuses to your customers (outside of IM), claiming authorship (say you wrote it, I don’t care), Blog Post, Article Directories, Auto responders, Bonus Content for Membership sites, use it for a eBook content

You are NOT allowed to use these articles for; creating your own WSO , Making a Article Sales Site then offering these articles, Offer resell rights to people you give them too, selling them with PLR rights.

Warm Regards,
Vaibhav Jain

P.S. --> Selling these articles for first time. No copy sold yet !
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