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Controversial Social Issues Discussions concerning controversial social issues. Topics include politics, religion, culture, social and economic issues, etc. Respect required at all times.

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Old 10-27-2009, 06:31 AM
Franc Tireur Franc Tireur is offline
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"Michael Moore's Action Plan: 15 Things Every American Can Do Right Now"


It's the #1 question I'm constantly asked after people see my movie: "OK -- so NOW what can I DO?!"

You want something to do? Well, you've come to the right place! 'Cause I got 15 things you and I can do right now to fight back and try to fix this very broken system.

Here they are:


1. Declare a moratorium on all home evictions. Not one more family should be thrown out of their home. The banks must adjust their monthly mortgage payments to be in line with what people's homes are now truly worth -- and what they can afford. Also, it must be stated by law: If you lose your job, you cannot be tossed out of your home.

2. Congress must join the civilized world and expand Medicare For All Americans. A single, nonprofit source must run a universal health care system that covers everyone. Medical bills are now the #1 cause of bankruptcies and evictions in this country. Medicare For All will end this misery. The bill to make this happen is H.R. 3200 -- but this bill is worthless without the amendment from Rep. Anthony Weiner that will bring us closer to the real bill that should be passed: H.R. 676. You must call AND write your members of Congress and demand that they support this amendment, no compromises allowed.

3. Demand publicly-funded elections and a prohibition on elected officials leaving office and becoming lobbyists. Yes, those very members of Congress who solicit and receive millions of dollars from wealthy interests must vote to remove ALL money from our electoral and legislative process. Tell your members of Congress they must support campaign finance bill H.R.1826. 4. Each of the 50 states must create a state-owned public bank like they have in North Dakota. Then congress MUST reinstate all the strict pre-Reagan regulations on all commercial banks, investment firms, insurance companies -- and all the other industries that have been savaged by deregulation: Airlines, the food industry, pharmaceutical companies -- you name it. If a company's primary motive to exist is to make a profit, then it needs a set of stringent rules to live by -- and the first rule is "Do no harm." The second rule: The question must always be asked -- "Is this for the common good?" (Click here for some info about the state-owned Bank of North Dakota.)

5. Save this fragile planet and declare that all the energy resources above and beneath the ground are owned collectively by all of us. Just like they do it in Sarah Palin's socialist Alaska. We only have a few decades of oil left. The public must be the owners and landlords of the natural resources and energy that exists within our borders or we will descend further into corporate anarchy. And when it comes to burning fossil fuels to transport ourselves, we must cease using the internal combustion engine and instruct our auto/transportation companies to rehire our skilled workforce and build mass transit (clean buses, light rail, subways, bullet trains, etc.) and new cars that don't contribute to climate change. (For more on this, here's a proposal I wrote in December.) Demand that General Motors' de facto chairman, Barack Obama, issue a JFK man-on-the-moon-style challenge to turn our country into a nation of trains and buses and subways. For Pete's sake, people, we were the ones who invented (or perfected) these damn things in the first place!!


There are some good points there, check the others and click on the link...
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Old 10-27-2009, 11:29 AM
Allen Farlow Allen Farlow is offline
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Sometimes Michael Moore makes sense and sometimes he comes off sounding like a kook.

Getting Americans out of their cars and onto mass transit will be more difficult than ridding Iran of nuclear fissionable material. Mass transit, on the surface, sounds like a great idea until you realize the bus doesn't run when you need it to and doesn't go where you need to go. I'm sure the current bus ridership would gladly trade their excessive time schedule for a motor vehicle if they could afford one! Many people must ride the buses for three hours in the morning and three more hours every evening just to get close to where they need to go. And they walk from there. ('There' could be fifteen blocks from the bus stop, in pouring rain, ice or snow.)

It took Congress to get the Big Three Automakers to 'jetpool' to Washington!

Mass transit also will not work, nor be fiscally responsible, outside large cities. You can't expect a rancher to wait at the end of his fourteen-mile-long driveway for the bus.

Even if Americans suddenly made a mad rush to ride the city bus, there are not enough buses nor drivers nor mechanics. And suppose a municipality began purchasing additional buses and hiring more employees to handle the increased ridership, what will they do when 'riding the bus' falls out of fashion? They will be left with a lot of empty buses sitting in the yard, buses which must still be paid for. City administrators move very cautiously when it comes to new expenditures on an already strained-to-the-breaking-point budget. They don't want to lose their jobs any more than anyone else.

Does Michael Moore really know how much oil is left? He claims there is only enough to last a few more decades. I don't think anyone knows for sure how much is left. They are 'guesstimating', and your guess is as good as mine. This world might run out of oil in a year or we may still have plenty of oil three hundred years from now.

The World running out of oil...now that would be something catastrophic in 2012!

And I hope you are not falling for the 'Global Warming' line like Michael Moore has. Al Gore jumped on it and made millions from his book sales and appearances, until people finally wised up to what he was doing. Is Michael Moore going to jump on the same bandwagon?

Electric cars are a good thing if you don't mind being limited in how far you can go. It's not yet like we can just whiz into a gas station and plug into their electric to recharge when we need to. Recharging stations are still very few and far between. And what are we to do when we need to replace worn out batteries? Who will be able to afford that cost? (Thousands of dollars...)

Vehicles powered by hydrogen make a lot more sense, or at least liquified natural gas (LNG-powered vehicles already exist. I've driven them myself.)

In the above article Michael Moore purports to tell us what we can do, which pretty much comes down to making demands. But there's a funny thing about making demands: those we make demands of can still ignore us...

Medicare for all? Sure, many countries have proven just how well Socialism works.

Michael Moore needs to go back to the drawing board.

If anyone wants to do something, making demands is not the way to enact change. We all have the right to cast our ballots every couple of years, so why don't we? If our votes still count then majority rules.

If our votes no longer count, we still have the rights granted to us by the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment to petition the government for a redress of our grievances, don't we?

If that doesn't work I suppose we can always storm the halls of Congress with pitchforks and torches...

But before that ever happens I see half the States seceding from the Union.

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Old 10-27-2009, 09:13 PM
Franc Tireur Franc Tireur is offline
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1 and 3 would be a good start

I do not agree all the time with Michael Moore, but on some subjects he light up them.

Last edited by Franc Tireur; 10-27-2009 at 09:18 PM.
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Old 10-28-2009, 09:04 AM
Taltos's Avatar
Taltos Taltos is offline
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My first question to anyone that starts suggesting things like this is simple. Do you practice what you preach? Does Michael Moore or anyone else that agrees with these points practice them? Does he ride mass transit everywhere he goes? Anywhere he goes?

I have to comment on #1. I am not a fan of wholesale laws that no one gets kicked out of a house. There are plenty of sob stories that truly are sad where people got kicked out of a home. However, as a fiscally responsible individual who will end up paying more somewhere else for a law like this, I'm not for it. It is also a law that screams for abuse by lazy people. I don't feel like working and I can't get kicked out of my house so I'll just get myself fired and I don't care. That's an attitude we see in too many places already. I doubt anyone here fits that category but it definitely exists. If you bought too much house for you budget, as many Americans did, the you deserve to get kicked out. You made a bad choice and you should pay a price for that egocentric and probably greedy choice. I am not a fan of being the one making smart fiscal choices while I watch those around me make poor choices and then I have to pay a price.

As and example, I bought a Prius. I did it about a year before this cash for clunkers mess started. So now I've done what was fiscally sound before the government had to step in and throw free money at people to get them to do what they should do anyway. As a result, my car cost me $4500 more then many others.

Now I'm going to get a little crazy. If you want to fix health care, shoot most of the lawyers. OK, shooting lawyers would be fun but not the real fix. Fix the legal system and go tort reform. Make all the silly, frivilous lawsuits to away. I'm not saying don't allow malpractice suits but change things around so that it is more difficult and awards are not nearly as rediculous. This is a whole huge discussion on its own but it would significantly reduce the cost of health care, increase the number of doctors and nurses, and bring down the cost of insurance.

As for how much oil? My father is a geophysist and worked in the oil industry for 40+ years. There is a lot more than a few decades of oil. It will be more expensive to get at and cost more at the pump but there are still enormous quantities of oil and more than enough to last much longer than a few decades. I still think it is a GREAT idea to pursue other sources of energy to provide transport. I think we have the expertise and ability to pursue alternate energy for cars and power in general. Unfortunately, IMHO, like the cash for clunkers, we will have to throw huge amounts of money at companies to encourage them to do what they should be doing anyway.

Dismount soapbox
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