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Controversial Social Issues Discussions concerning controversial social issues. Topics include politics, religion, culture, social and economic issues, etc. Respect required at all times.

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Old 04-13-2010, 10:11 PM
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I pay into it via taxes and treat it like an insurance policy.
To date, I've never needed it, but it's nice to know it's there if I ever do.
I know you're going to say it's forced, and you're right, but I've come to accept that, just as I accept that I'm forced to pay for schools, whether I have kids or not, to pay for roads, whether I drive or not, to pay for the military, libraries, etc. It's part of the cost of living in a society and if I don't like it, I can drop out of that society and not pay for any of it. But I choose the good in the society over the bad of not being a part of it. You guys are free to do the same.
I won't call your stance a socialist stance, I will call it perhaps the result of propaganda, or an over accepting one at least.

When Grover Cleveland vetoed the famous "Seed Bill" he reasoned that it was not the place of the government to financially take care of the people, rather it was for the people to financially provide to keep the government running as needed. When people found themselves in need, it was the neighbors, the fellow man that shared life in society that would ultimately come to the aid of those in need from the goodness of their own will, and good heart. In fact if the government were to step in and begin to offer the assistance it would deter those neighbors from helping. Indeed those neighbors provided more assistance by far than Congress had offered.

I have at times in my life been forced to survive on an 88 cent package of pinto beans and tap water for a week or so at a time, or a package of bologna and loaf of bread sometimes during good weeks. Point being, if I found myself in dire need of a meal I knew I could get one from those around me, just as if those around me, or if approached by one that needed a meal I would without hesitation share the pinto beans and the bologna and bread. When government steps in and takes more and more from us as people then that 88 cents for the pinto beans or the money for the bologna and bread I need to survive I can no longer get on my own, instead of making 88 cents on that dollar I am suddenly paying 40% and only getting 60 cents so I can no longer get those beans for myself let alone share them with another in need. The government then has to provide for me. I am no longer a free individual, I am a dependent forced to abide by the rules that are set by the government so I can qualify for the programs needed to survive.

As for insurance, disability insurance is fairly inexpensive even in today's market, if we do not have to pay social security tax then I am fairly sure that we would have had, and would have more than enough to choose our own insurance packages, companies and rates. Since we are forced by the government to pay into their insurance program what have we left but to depend on it?

When Social Security Insurance was first signed into law the life expectancy of a male in this country was around 56, for a female I believe it was 62. Social Security was not obtainable until age 65, in other words it was designed with the hope in mind to not have to pay out in the majority. Now the average male lives to about 75 the average female 80+. Who makes up the additional 18 years that people live? The increased number of payouts the insurance program now has to payout on? By creating the SS program the government took away the incentive and with the extra taxes charged much of the ability for people to provide for their own future, all along the government with the program hedging on the bet that a majority of those paying in will never live to collect, or if they do at least not for long after.

So the question is not that you live in a society and therefore have to pay your dues, the question to be asked is who is better equipped, and has a better vested interest when it comes to dealing with your money? The government who is telling you they are taking it to provide for those with less, or holding it for your future? Or you who knows your own personal needs, desires, dreams, and goals, and who possess your own compassion and beliefs that you are readily willing to provide help to others on your own basis?
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