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Controversial Social Issues Discussions concerning controversial social issues. Topics include politics, religion, culture, social and economic issues, etc. Respect required at all times.

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Old 07-19-2012, 08:46 AM
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Correction: Obama-Money story

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a July 18 story about the presidential campaign's fundraising, The Associated Press erroneously reported that President Barack Obama could be the first incumbent president to be outraised by his opponent for the White House. Presidents Jimmy Carter in 1980 and Bill Clinton in 1996 were outraised by their opponents.


Senate to Vote on DISCLOSE Act Monday, McConnell Pledges Filibuster

"The flood of secret money unleashed by the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision threatens to drown out the voices of middle class families in our democracy," Whitehouse said at a press conference Thursday. "The DISCLOSE Act will uphold every citizen's right to know where this secret money is coming from."

r: The only obvious error I see with the drawing is that it doesn't show Obama's hands in the guy's pocket.

"The DISCLOSE Act will uphold every citizen's right to know where this secret money is coming from."

in whose guy's pocket ??? - the Republicans prefer unlimited "secret money" to win elections, so what are they complaining about ???
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Old 07-19-2012, 08:56 AM
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I have no idea why someone would quote me and then address a totally unrelated point.

Well that's not entirely true... I really DO have an idea why, but it's still a silly thing to do.

Last edited by robjones; 07-19-2012 at 12:00 PM.
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Old 07-19-2012, 10:15 AM
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By the way, the first roads were NOT built by the government - they were built by the people who used them. They saw a problem, had an idea and implemented it.

Let me tell you that Obama lacks an understanding of cause and effect. If you take everything back far enough looking at the chain of causes and effects, you will find a person or small group of people who had an idea and implemented it. The idea may have solved a problem or created a better way of doing something - but it started with that idea! Now I know his grades in college were dismal.

Sorry, but as a teacher of children for 25 years, and a teacher of teachers for the other 18, I've seen a lot more ineffective/lousy teaching than inspiring teaching. Throwing money at education isn't the answer. it just gives the school more money to buy "programs" that teachers hate, misuse, or ignore.
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Old 07-19-2012, 10:45 AM
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I forgot to mention something. I actually worked for the Federal Government in Washington, DC. This was after teaching for 9 years and I wanted to work in another field. The following statements are true. This occurred in 1975-76. And they want larger government? God Forbid!

I worked with 2 other people in our office. My colleagues actually took a day or more to complete the same thing I finished within a few hours. They simply spread the job out so they didn't have to work harder.

The secretaries (2 of them for an office with 5 people in it) took too long to complete things like letters. Even then, the end result needed editing and revising before I could use it. The had the best fingernails though.

I was sent/allowed to go to the "office supply" location, which was 3 to 4 times bigger than any Staples or Office Max, with a plastic card. There I could get anything I felt I needed to do my job. No receipt was given to me and none was requested by my boss.

When it was budget time I was told to come up with 3 or 4 "projects" and estimate a cost for them. We weren't going to do them. It's just that we had to show we needed the same amount or even more money so our part of the budget would not be cut.

After about a year, Senator Dingall, along with others, did away with the section of the agency that I worked in. Nothing to do but they couldn't fire me. They told me to look for jobs in other departments. I would sit in my office and check the job openings and schedule an interview if I found something that sounded good. I could and did take extended lunches; No one checked to see where I was and what I was doing.

About 4 months after they did away with my job I made plans to move to Greece. I wasn't sure things would work out there, so I asked for and received a leave of absence. I still got paid.

Things worked out fine, and I sent in my resignation within a couple months. I couldn't stand feeling that I was screwing the system.

I want to also let you know that there are a very large amount of extremely nice, hard working people in the government, especially in the regional offices. But the culture in Washington, DC seems to be one of "get as much as I can for as little as I can give."

When I returned from Greece after 2 years, I returned to teaching.
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