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Controversial Social Issues Discussions concerning controversial social issues. Topics include politics, religion, culture, social and economic issues, etc. Respect required at all times.

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Old 10-08-2008, 08:41 AM
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Obama's health care sytem is a good idea, when I see actually hospital billing or doctor visit bill prices. My idea will be not exactly like Obama health care plan, because his system is open to abuses.

Did you notice that there is 2 prices: If you don't have any health insurance your will pay hundred or thousands dollars. If you've got one you just pay the co-pay, for doctor visits, medications, etc...and you health insurance will pay 4 or 5 times less the tag prices.

The thing that surprised me is that you cannot choose your own doctors, etc... because they are not on the insurance list.

For example you are working for a company for a while, and switch to another, then you have a great chance that the new insurance will not list you precedent doctors, etc...You almost need to start over, so there it cost double for nothing.

The best and economical system would be a card that containing all your medical records, so whatever doctors can have access right away to your information and avoid test duplicates etc... but not only. This card could be renew every year by a centralized system. When you go to the doctor office that just need to swap the card and they can read your basic information with a Pin so nobody can have access to your file without your authorization. no more form to fill out, no more co-pay, you can choose the doctors you want, and access to information is quick and effecient.

You will ask what is the cost? Well I am sure it has one, It can be split between three partners: The governement, the employers, and people so everybody will be involved and will limit the abuse of this sytem. No more private health insurance companies making huge money on health people that's the point and I will tell you why.

Living more then 10 years in US, I can tell you from my own experience that private Health insurances raised their basic plans many times, raised the co-pay and put unacceptable pressure on doctors to accept their new prices policy. Often the doctors get out of their plans so you have to cross town to find the ones on their list.

For example when my wife was pregnant, the hospital listed on our insurance was at 2 hours drive. How uncomfortable that can be just to please our insurance and their own deals!

This system can give freedom to chose the doctors you have confidence with, without any worries about money, insurance, co-pay, etc...

Obama health system is a copycat of Canadians health care system. Perhaps the Canadians can tell you that their system is free and managed by the governement. It means that you will be on a long list before getting any care. I had a friend from Quebec and he needed to wait a long time before getting a surgery.

You can call that socialist if you want, but on this particulary subject, I think we can all benefit a program like that, because it is important.
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Old 10-08-2008, 09:07 AM
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If Obama's plan is implemented you have a few things that cannot and should not be allowed in a Democratic or Capitalism based society. You will have the government dictating to it's citizens that you have to get health care whether you want it or not. If you don't already have health care you have to take what we offer you or you will have to pay a fine for not following our rules. If you are a business, we are going to give you a credit so that you can offer your employees health care on your dime, if you don't not only do you not get those allowances, but we also fine you for not following our rules.

Is there need for reform in the health industry? Of that there is no doubt, the question is how does such reform get implemented. Is it implemented by mandating the industry and stifling room for growth and adjustment, or by industry competition and freedom of choice?

By giving credit to the people themselves and allowing them to freely choose what companies they choose, and lifting restrictions that currently allow for the monopolization by allowing a person to purchase from companies from any where as opposed to a limited number of companies licensed locally you broaden the stage of competition and force companies to offer better customer feature in order to compete for their business. The rise in the amount of insured people will also decrease the amount of unpaid debt in the health industry also allowing for the lowering of prices which will also be controlled by the insurance companies from all over the country/world not just those in a particular area.
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