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hafizito 01-14-2011 01:40 PM

Dedicated server hosting provider survey
So after doing some research for dedicated servers, I came across the following providers. How would you rate them? based on cost/service/network
I compiled my list partly on reviews across this forum and others and research on each provider.

I am looking for 2 dedicated servers running on windows 2008 Server 64, 2000GB Bandwidth, 4gb ram, 250+GB HD. This will be mainly utilized for testing asp.net applications by clients and developers. One will function as a database server and the other as a web server. My budget for each server is 200-300/month based on costs calculated for a 12 month period (since some providers give discounts if you pay a year in advance).

I was looking for a datacenter in virginia or close to here to minimize latency and speed issues. I also factored in response time for hardware failures, customer services and their financials. In addition I ran tests for latency and speed and see how they measure.

I am sure there are plenty of other providers out there that provide the same level of service or better but I probably missed them. So if you want to give me any suggestion, I would appreciate it.


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