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refide46 12-21-2008 08:12 PM

YachtCruise.info ArtistManager.info bahamians.info SubNetwork.info mrmr.info & more
--domain---registrar---expiry date
BoneGrafts.info godaddy 07-oct-2009
CheapDress.info godaddy 07-oct-2009
CheapGadget.info godaddy 07-oct-2009
PerfumeMarket.info godaddy 07-oct-2009
PlayPolo.info godaddy 07-oct-2009
ResortNetwork.info godaddy 07-oct-2009
NewJerseyMap.info godaddy 07-oct-2009
dlil.info godaddy 07-oct-2009
montadayat.info godaddy 07-oct-2009
PurchaseDomain.info godaddy 07-oct-2009
BasicTechnology.info godaddy 07-oct-2009
OnlineRanking.info godaddy 07-oct-2009
TicketWindow.info godaddy 11-oct-2009
EnjoyWine.info godaddy 11-oct-2009
JointStockCompany.info godaddy 11-oct-2009
SocietyNews.info godaddy 11-oct-2009
AffiliateRewards.info godaddy 13-oct-2009
YachtCruise.info godaddy 13-oct-2009
GrandPlay.info godaddy 13-oct-2009
RestaurantDirect.info godaddy 15-oct-2009
SafetyFactor.info godaddy 15-oct-2009
ArtistManager.info godaddy 15-oct-2009
DirectProperty.info godaddy 15-oct-2009
thermometry.info godaddy 15-oct-2009
MovieToday.info godaddy 15-oct-2009
DomainToday.info godaddy 15-oct-2009
GreatMail.info godaddy 15-oct-2009
StockCompany.info godaddy 15-oct-2009
JobDot.info godaddy 15-oct-2009
WineOrder.info godaddy 16-oct-2009
BestDomainRegistration.info godaddy 16-oct-2009
MovieDirect.info godaddy 16-oct-2009
MasterSecurity.info godaddy 17-oct-2009
greatcoats.info godaddy 17-oct-2009
DirectionFinder.info godaddy 17-oct-2009
AntiqueAutomobile.info godaddy 17-oct-2009
GameContest.info godaddy 17-oct-2009
OkPoker.info godaddy 17-oct-2009
OrganicDeodorant.info godaddy 17-oct-2009
mrmr.info godaddy 17-oct-2009
RecyclingNetwork.info godaddy 17-oct-2009
bahamians.info godaddy 17-oct-2009
PopularGame.info godaddy 17-oct-2009
SearchRoom.info godaddy 18-oct-2009
MagnetoTherapy.info godaddy 18-oct-2009
DiamondDirectory.info godaddy 18-oct-2009
PortableGps.info godaddy 19-oct-2009
GreenTeaTree.info godaddy 19-oct-2009
EmailProgram.info godaddy 19-oct-2009
TennisAccessories.info godaddy 19-oct-2009
EzCasino.info godaddy 19-oct-2009
NonAmerican.info godaddy 19-oct-2009
NewSportsCar.info godaddy 26-oct-2009
AffordableCruise.info godaddy 26-oct-2009
NewCruises.info godaddy 26-oct-2009
downloadings.info godaddy 26-oct-2009
IndianBlog.info godaddy 26-oct-2009
EnjoyFootball.info godaddy 26-oct-2009
UltimateGuitars.info godaddy 26-oct-2009
CheapPortable.info godaddy 26-oct-2009
BlogSubmitter.info godaddy 26-oct-2009
GreenRatings.info godaddy 26-oct-2009
legibility.info godaddy 26-oct-2009
NorthCarolinian.info godaddy 26-oct-2009
AmericanMerchant.info godaddy 26-oct-2009
BasketballBlog.info godaddy 26-oct-2009
PianoRepair.info godaddy 26-oct-2009
TextGame.info godaddy 27-oct-2009
dlel.info godaddy 27-oct-2009
dreamings.info godaddy 27-oct-2009
ResortCruise.info godaddy 27-oct-2009
ShipCruises.info godaddy 27-oct-2009
HomeEquipment.info godaddy 27-oct-2009
SportsGuides.info godaddy 29-oct-2009
EmailShopping.info godaddy 29-oct-2009
postie.info godaddy 29-oct-2009
subetwork.info godaddy 29-oct-2009
GreenBanking.info godaddy 29-oct-2009
FootballApparel.info godaddy 03-nov-2009
BridalApparel.info godaddy 03-nov-2009
BridalSupplies.info godaddy 03-nov-2009
not parked
multi forum thread
payment via moneybookers, i will pay all the fees or via godaddy gift cards without any fees at all [there is an important note added: if you want to pay via paypal.com so you can by godaddy gift card from here: http://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/gift/card.asp?ci=8788 & the payment will be via paypal.com or credit card & more payment methods]
i will give the username & password or a free push to your account
PM or post your offers

refide46 12-22-2008 07:16 PM

received these offers:
YachtCruise.info $25
downloadings.info $25
dlil.info $4
$350-$400 for all the domains as alot
any more offers?

refide46 02-03-2009 03:36 AM

BasicTechnology.info SOLD
SocietyNews.info SOLD
YachtCruise.info SOLD
GrandPlay.info SOLD
DirectProperty.info SOLD
MovieToday.info SOLD
JobDot.info SOLD
MasterSecurity.info SOLD
AntiqueAutomobile.info SOLD
GameContest.info SOLD
PopularGame.info SOLD
TennisAccessories.info SOLD
NewSportsCar.info SOLD
IndianBlog.info SOLD
EnjoyFootball.info SOLD
BlogSubmitter.info SOLD
legibility.info SOLD
AmericanMerchant.info SOLD
BasketballBlog.info SOLD
ShipCruises.info SOLD
HomeEquipment.info SOLD
BridalSupplies.info SOLD

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