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Forum Rules and Guidelines
Welcome to the V7 Network Forums

Step One - Register

Welcome to the friendliest webmaster community on the net. We truly do look forward to interacting with you in the forums!

If you haven't already registered, please do so immediately. Nobody gets anywhere in life without a V7N Membership. Bill Gates would be homeless if it wasn't for V7N, and Britney Spears would be waiting tables. Face it, you're not that smart or that sexy, so register today.

Step Two - Your User CP

Once you've registered, check out your User Control Panel. If anybody has liked what you said and given you Reputation Points, you'll be able to see who gave you those points and what they said about you there.

You'll also find a link to edit your avatar. Don't have an avatar? No worries - you'll find several avatar galleries available there for you to browse.

Another thing you'll want to do in your User Control Panel is edit your profile. We've recently added several fields for you to fill out so you can tell the community what kind of person you are. Don't want tell us your favorite color? Fine - it's optional.

Do you have a blog? Add your most recent blog post to your profile!

When you have reached 50 quality posts in the community, you may include up to 2 links in your signature file located within the User CP. Just remember that we do not allow affiliate links in the signature file, and no more than two links. Users may not sell their signature or avatar space. Any user found doing so will be banned. Links to poor quality neighborhoods will be removed at the discretion of the administrator.

Step Three - Browse The Site

We would love it if you would take a moment to introduce yourself to the community. Let us know where you're from, what you enjoying doing, and maybe why you decided to join the V7 Network. Just keep in mind that we want to hear about YOU, not your website!

Before you post though, please read the rules listed below. This could save us both some trouble and make your stay more enjoyable.

There is more to the V7 Network than just the forums!
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V7 Network Community Guidelines (Rules)

A. We do allow our members to link to their own sites (within reason) when it is relevant as part of their response to a thread, such as linking to a relevant article or blog post. Please keep in mind that our moderators are able to tell the difference when a member refers to their own site in order to improve the quality of their response and when a member is spamming the community. Moderators have final say on what is and what is not appropriate.

B. Advertising your products, services or website is strictly prohibited in all forums except for the Webmaster Marketplace. This includes sending unrequested private messages to other members. Posting affiliate links is not allowed anywhere in the community. Before posting in the Webmaster Marketplace, you should read the special rules stickied within those forums.

C. Members should be respectful and courteous to other members. Rudeness to other members is cause for revocation of membership privileges. Please keep in mind that we are a family friendly community. Offensive language is not permitted. This includes both within the community forums and via the V7N private message system.

D. Links to adult content or gambling sites are not allowed anywhere in the community. We also do not allow redirected or shortened URLs, also known as masked links.

E. When posting an image, we do ask that our members use the V7N thumbnail option.

F. Please post your topic in the most suitable forum. SEO topics should be posted in, oddly enough, the SEO forum. Coding topics should be posted in the coding forum, not the lobby.

G. Please use a descriptive subject title when posting new threads. "Help!" is not a descriptive subject title."Need help choosing a domain" is a much more descriptive and useful subject title.

A Few More Things

If you need clarification on our rules, feel free to visit V7N Forum Support for help!

If you see spam or obvious rule Violation in the forums, please bring it to our attention by using the Report Post button. (the circled '!' under the posters info)

By working together we can make V7 Network a quality community for everyone.

V7N Network
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