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Old 12-26-2016, 09:31 AM
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Are these instructions clear ?

Unable to figure out anywhere else to ask this - any comments/suggestions on improving these instructions?


Generic Web Server installation of The Singularity Trap game:

Unzip and copy the "the-singularity-trap" folder (which contains a docs folder and a games folder) to your server.
You might need to give 777 permissions for the folder and files in it depending on the server.

Create a database and modify the dbinfo.php file settings to match as needed.
Use any text editor if you need to modify dbinfo.php

$servername = "localhost"; - your web host will give you the server - possibly something like "db61448377.db.RandR.com"
$username = "username"; - your web host will give you your database id or username - maybe something like "dbo61448377"
$password = "password"; - your web host will give you your database password - these vary all over the place
$dbname = "mydatabasename"; - your web host will give you the name of your database - maybe something like "db61448377"

Upload the modified file to the-singularity-trap folder and go to the index.html page in that folder on the internet.

Use the Sysop link there to come to this page and click the makegametables.php link.
This also renames that file to prevent further use.

Return to index page, click Mod link, and create your Mod password.

Installation is now complete. Create a war.

************************************************** *******************************

Installation - to run UwAmp (Apache/MySL/PHP) and The Singularity Trap game off a thumb drive with Windows.

Unzip the files onto a thumb drive.

In Task Manager stop the W3SVC service.
(If needed select more details to see the tab for services
- this setting must be done every time computer reboots for Apache to run on Win10)

Open the UwAmp.exe file (in the main UwAmp folder on the thumb drive).

Both Windows 7 and Windows 10 like to pop up 2 permission boxes for you to click at this point.

Be sure Apache and MySQL both show as running.

Click the "www Site" button. This opens a browser window to localhost on the game index page.

Click the Mod link, and create your Mod password.

Installation is now complete. Create a war.

************************************************** *******************************

************************************************** *******************************

The UwAmp program console can set Apache as localhost only (offline) or as online for LAN server use.

In online mode it can be accessed by the LAN (router) assigned IP of the computer it is running on,
and if internet connected also by internet IP of the computer it is running on if distinctive.

Possible issues running a LAN or localhost server:

Port 80 - Skype and some others may use Port 80 - if so stop that service or program.

The location of the Apache program file, with the thumb drive as drive G: is

Some firewalls may need to be told to allow Apache to run - especially as a LAN server.
The next info is for Windows 10 firewall but others are similar if they need to be told to allow it.
To be able to access via LAN (actually by any other computers using same router):
control panel, windows firewall, allow an ap or feature through windows firewall,
change settings, allow another app, then browse to your apache/bin folder
and select the httpd.exe as program to allow.
If specific firewall permissions are needed they do NOT need to be redone every time the computer reboots.


On my old Belkin router I looked at connected devices to see the local IP assigned to my computer by the router
(my router claims for itself, my laptop is, other devices and so forth)
--- so to any computer on my router is always the same as localhost on mine
------ if I put the thumb drive in my wife's computer it is

Passwords for Mod and Players:
Passwords were added as a retrofit for players (for web use to prevent spying/cheating)
and for the Mod functions as those were linked from the index page.

They are a set once when join a game or first access mod page and no functions are built in to reset them.

Using PHPmyAdmin in the database the SQL query to clear Mod pasword is
UPDATE `logins` SET `pswd` = '' WHERE `gamename` = 'admin' AND `player` = 'mod'

And to change password for green player to "hoody" in the war named "hats-vs-cowls":
UPDATE `logins` SET `pswd` = 'hoody' WHERE `gamename` = 'hats-vs-cowls' AND `player` = 'green'

UwAmp includes PHPmyAdmin and most web hosts also supply it.
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Old 12-26-2016, 10:48 AM
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It is actually better than many directions I've read.

That won't stop people who don't read from asking questions or blaming you.
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