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kest 04-16-2016 08:14 AM

MONETIZE your audience without advertisers

We're creating a platform where bloggers, forum owners, brands, organizations, etc can engage and MONETIZE their audience in a completely new way. Reach out to me and I will send you the link to a FREE trial.

The platform allows anyone with a following to create cash quizzes on the subject their audience is passionate about and invite them to participate. The crucial and the most exciting element is that the quiz contest would have REAL MONEY ENTREE FEES and REAL MONEY PRIZES. That would provide the adrenaline-fueled competitive experience revolving around the subject your audience loves. You, as a quiz host, would take percent of all entry fees paid by the quiz participants.

You would be a provider of the quiz experience where you own the content and the right to invite/refuse participation whoever you want. We provide a full technical & legal support for fee/awards processing, great quiz creation tools, free image database, customer support, geo-blocking and, obviously, exposure to all the possible consumers of your content.

Quiz host's share would be 10% from all entree fees paid.
The platform's cut would be 5%.

So again, the way it works:
-You create a quiz on the topic you and your audience are passionate about and invite them to participate
-They log in to the platform, put in an entree fee and take the quiz you created
-The best are awarded real money prizes that comprise of the entree fees paid
-Quiz host (YOU) take 2/3 of the 15% difference between entree fees paid and the prizes awarded

How much can you earn? Let's break down some numbers.

Let's say 300 people from your audience participate in a quiz with an entree fee of $3 which gives a total of $900 paid in entree fees. Your cut from this is 10% = $90.If you host 10 quizzes per month with the same numbers, you pocket $900.

If you manage to attract 500 participants at a $5 entree fee 10 times per month, you earnings would be $2500 per month.
1000 participants at a $5 entree fee 15 times per month gives you $7500 in monthly income...and so on

Conclusion: It all depends on the size of the audience you can engage and reengage. If you think that the numbers of engaged users provided above are not attainable by you, please note that the quality of your quiz could be rated and discussed by the audience and seen by other users of the platform with the same interests. That means you can grow the audience of your quiz and, as a result, the audience of your blog, website, page etc. via the platform. In essence, the platform is a marketplace, just like Udemy, Airbnb or Uber, whith providers (instructors, drivers, hosts) and participants (students, passengers, tenants).

The platform goes live this Spring. Please send me a PM & I will send you the link to a FREE trial.

Any positive/negative feedback on the concept is highly appreciated.

Thank you,

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