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tmoney 10-29-2010 07:49 PM

Article Writing Dynamite Tips
Follow these simple tips to guarantee the maximun exposure for your articles:

1) Resource Box must be dynamite, in other words use this spaces wisely and strongly. Really tell how you can provide the solution for a problem.

2) The Title must be dynamite. It should be keyword rich with a solution.

3) Keyword usage must be dynamite. Not only within your title put within the first paragraph you must ensure you have keyword phrases for the niche you are marketing in so when people are searching these are the words they are using.

4) Enzineartilce should be the first place you submit your article to get dynamite results.

May all your articles produce dynamite results!

Brazzell Marketing 11-03-2010 02:52 PM

Write your lead from the perspective of what your audience needs and wants. Avoid writing from the perspective of what you can offer. For instance:

"Market Home Health Company provides home nursing services and physical therapy." - Bad as a lead. This lead talks about what the company offers.

"Avoid unnecessary hospitalization by receiving the nursing and therapy services you need in the comfort of your own home." - Better. This lead talks about what the target audience wants.

Spice up each paragraph with a lead-in sentence that talks about what people want and need instead of just what the company offers.

talitakdmnn 11-03-2010 07:26 PM

If you follow what all great Rap artists have always said, write about what you know.
Chances are you know tonnes of little tips and tricks. These are the things you should write about, they will be passionate posts with useful insights, and you can really flesh them out and make great posts.

The best articles are ones written on something you just discovered or solved.
You should change you attitude about writing from, WRITE on DEMAND, to okay, good writing comes from the heart, so instead try and intercept yourself next time you do something and say, hey is that worth writing an article about, and just do it. set aside the time and write for 30 minutes. the end result will be "DYNAMITE" content that is real, not BS that someone was forced to write 400 words about for seo purposes and is of no value to anyone.

THEN you can figure out ways to include some seo in your writing while you write it. Segway your article back into the topics you want to promote.

The secret about writing good content is there is no secret! :)
You just have to bite the bullet and do good writing.

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