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tomastamm 05-23-2017 03:26 PM

*$20 Free* AffBits CPA Network Launch Promo
I'd like to announce AffBits CPA Affiliate Network is now live. The affiliate signup page is now live and we're giving away $20 free to the first 100 affiliates that signup to our CPA Affiliate Network from V7n.(I will update this thread once we've hit that 100 mark.)

When you signup enter Promo Code:"V7N20" Signup page: http://signup.affbits.com
(We offer a 5% referral program, earn 5% Revenue Share on whatever affiliates you bring onto the program!)

What we specialize in at AffBits
- Free 1 on 1 mentoring on skype to our affiliates that need help with scaling up your current campaigns -
- New to affiliate marketing? No problem... We're teaching new affiliates methods on how to earn money with our offers -
- Have a Bitcoin/Non-Bitcoin related product or a service that needs marketing? Contact us at Inquires@AffBits.com -

What is a CPA Network?:
AffBits runs on the principle of cost-per-action, or sometimes cost-per-acquisition, generally know as CPA. CPA means: The advertiser chooses a commercial activity that is the goal of an advertising campaign, e.g. an install, a registration, or a sale. If this action happens, a pre-set price will be paid to the Affiliate who’s forwarded the customer. The logic: Only success leads to commercial reward. Compared to this, Cost-per-Click (CPC) networks award a price to each click on an advertising material, regardless of the consequence of this click. Completely based on visibility, CPM means cost-per-thousand (mille is the Latin word for 1,000) impressions, which means advertisers pay simply for the fact that their campaign was displayed.

What type of offers do you have?:
We carry offers from the top paying advertisers out on the market for the top 50+ countries. The offers are - CryptoCurrency, Payday, Bizop, Email Submit, Zip Submit, Mobile Installs, Diet, Supplements, Dating, Incentive etc...

What type of traffic do you accept?:
Depending on the offer we accept Website, Social, PPC, Incentive, Email, Mobile, Display, Context, Banner, ClickUnder/PopUnder, Media buying and more.

How do you guys pay out?:
We payout Bi-Weekly Net 15 & Weekly Net 7 & Daily (Message us how to get paid daily) We pay out in Bitcoin/Approved Altcoins, Wire, Check, Paypal, Western Union. ($100 Threshold)

How can I contact your company?:
*Email: Dan@AffBits.com | Duke@AffBits.com | Gabriel@AffBits.com
*Skype: Dan@AffBits.com | Duke@AffBits.com | Gabriel@AffBits.com
*IRC: https://webchat.freenode.net/ - Join room: #AffBits
*Slack: https://affbits.slack.com/signup

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