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zeroparallel 04-13-2016 07:27 AM

ZeroParallel.com Payday Loan Affiliate Network.
Zero Parallel is a short-term loan affiliate network that provides excellent service to its publishers with unparalleled opportunities.

Zero Parallel is built on a foundation of experience. Zero Parallel’s founder has demonstrated proven results in the past decade having previously built one of the most successful networks in the industry. It’s the experience and knowledge acquired during those years that have formed the structural support of Zero Parallel.

Zero Parallel is dedicated to maintaining quality traffic, while improving conversion rates and increasing ROI. The proprietary lead tracking system that we offer our affiliates provides comprehensive reporting and exhaustive analytics, giving you consistent and essential insights into your leads. The Zero Parallel platform is user-friendly and intuitive. We don’t work with other networks and we help you keep more of your commissions in your pocket!

Why do affiliates choose us?

They don’t just choose us. They stay with us because they can count on us. We surround affiliates in our network with a wealth of resources so they can succeed.

• We provide free access to advanced promotional materials for both new and experienced affiliates.

• We’ve designed our landing pages with you in mind; visit LendYou.com and see the difference yourself.

• We offer multiple payout options because we know the importance of convenience in your busy schedule. This includes Wire Transfers, Check, ACH, PayPal, WebMoney, Visa QIWI Wallet, ePayments, Yandex.Money, and Payoneer.

• We have a team of highly experienced and professional account managers who are here every step of the way.


The payday loan industry relies on innovation. We see ourselves as leaders of change.

We have dedicated our time into finding new and exciting opportunities for our affiliates. We continuously look for feedback and apply them within our programs as a way of making affiliates’ experience working with us as unique as possible.

Zero Parallel’s DIRECT CALL program allows consumers an opportunity to connect directly with loan providers. This program offers payday loans, personal loans and installment loans. DIRECT CALL is just as robust as our web lead tracking platform.

• EXCLUSIVE INNOVATIVE SOFTWARE: We have exclusive rights to an advanced software

• CUSTOMIZABLE OPTIONS: We are more flexible than our competitors

• UNLIMITED PHONE NUMBERS: We offer an unlimited amount of dedicated phone numbers

Bonus Drawing

We offer a unique opportunity that has never been done before. We give away a $3,000 cash prize each month!

The affiliates in our network are automatically qualified and entered into the drawing as long as they earn a minimum of $1,000 a month. So, while you’re already earning, you have an additional opportunity to make more money!

We have been revolutionizing this industry, and now, we want to revolutionize your experience as an affiliate. We value success in the long term and that’s why affiliates join our network!

We’re always growing.

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