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HTMLBasicTutor 08-02-2017 10:25 AM

Best Practices for Homepage Links on websites
Do you provide an actual text link to the home page of your site or blog even if your logo is linked to the home page?

People Rely on Links to the Homepage

A direct, one-click link to the homepage is a must-have on websites. There are several reasons why:

•Going back to the homepage is a common task. People often go to the homepage when they’re disoriented, they have gone too deep into a site, or they’re ready to start a new task.

•Because of their dependency on search engines, most users enter websites through an interior page and bypass the homepage entirely. Easy access to the homepage provides a new starting point for those who are on the wrong page or want to explore other parts of the site.
Homepage Links Remain a Necessity

There ya go. Once again an example of how usability, marketing and search engine optimization are all interlinked and complement each other. :)

bywaterdigital 08-25-2017 12:15 PM

I suppose it boils down to the complexity of the site and the design limitations. I have dropped a 'home' specific menu link on a few websites where the navigation menu was strained, but actual site content only went 1 or 2 levels deep.

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