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melgie 06-25-2018 10:45 PM

How can I delete old thread I created
Hi guys!

It's been a while since my last login here.

I just wanted to know how can I delete an old thread where I included/mentioned a client?

Hope you can help me on this because the client is insisting on deleting the thread.


J. H. Rasmussen 06-26-2018 05:07 AM

We don't remove well indexed threads/posts, but we don't mind removing some personal informations like a clients name from the thread/post. What you need to do is report the thread by clicking the blue button on the top right of the thread, tell us what you like us to do, and send the report, then an administrator or moderator will look at it, and take the action(s) we believe is right in this particular case.

melgie 07-04-2018 08:10 PM

Thank you for answering this.

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