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HTMLBasicTutor 09-24-2019 09:06 AM

Photography Backdrops
Here are some different ideas for backdrops when taking pictures for your website or blog posts:

Your choice of backdrop can have a big impact on the final look of your photos.

You may have purchased expensive professional photography backdrops because you know this.

But whether youíre a hobbyist or pro, you probably already spend enough on your photography that you donít want to shell out the big bucks for your props. Luckily, with a bit of creativity, you donít have to.

Here are some of the best ways to create beautiful DIY photography backdrops for still life and product photography...
DIY Photography Backdrops for Still Life and Product Photography

What do you think? Going to give any of these a try?

ScriptMan 09-24-2019 09:12 AM

A couple of those are decent ideas.

If you own editing software the neatest of all is a hideous green one that you can edit out and then drop the stripped image on whatever backdrop you want.

bijuseo 06-16-2020 04:21 AM

This thread helps a lot with the backdrop decision! Very helpful & informative as I'm looking to clear myself. It is enough comparison to understand for which backdrops are best for which situations.

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