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Neva170 10-09-2014 11:20 PM

Mobile icon logo contest 30 dollars
Hi we looking for a icon logo for mobile home screen when user download app.
You can look at our site at sync beat dot com
We want icon to just have word sync and something cool that relates to what we do.

The winner wins 30 dollars

gooddesigner 10-10-2014 05:21 AM


Neva170 10-10-2014 05:33 AM

I need more effort in design. I sync people together for payments Bitcoin and other

gooddesigner 10-10-2014 05:36 AM

its dollar sign people together... convey all i think

gooddesigner 10-10-2014 05:53 AM


J. H. Rasmussen 10-10-2014 06:01 AM


You still needs to write the following informations, as it is required by the rules:
-Color, size, required format, DPI (if applicable).
-Contest End date.
-Method of payment. PayPal? Money Order - etc. Prizes other than money are not acceptable. You may not use self-monotizing gifts of services or products as a method of payment.

Please add those informations...

Neva170 10-10-2014 07:54 AM

Icon all red with white design. I need small, meduim, and large size psd. I am paying with PayPal. The contest will end in 5 days from day it was posted. I increased price to 50 dollars for winner. I need something modern and eye catching. I love great design.

Neva170 10-10-2014 07:57 AM

Sorry the logo is not my type. You need to look at top logo icons and from Bitcoin or payment app to get inspired. Thanks

Neva170 10-10-2014 05:48 PM

Hi I canceled project. I don't have enough people submitting logos

I will post new contest with more $$

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