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LiveHappy 11-04-2016 03:47 PM

Open-source vs. plug in?
Hello Everyone!

I am new to this community, and I'm so glad I found it - lots of great info here! I manage a furniture store for a living so if anyone has questions on that (random i know) i would love to help :)

I am looking to start a forum - (1st time). I am looking for it to be a forum/blog/place to do product reviews.

Because of this I was advised to get a custom site but I don't want to invest a ton of money not knowing if it will take off or not.

I saw on here that some forum places allow you to transfer to another... this seems good,

1. Does anyone know if they would allow you to eventually transfer to a custom site? (thats IF it is ever justified to do so)

2. I have read about tow ways to start a forum...
a. The Hosted Forum on a Sub-domain - is this like wordpress plugin bbpress?
b. Hosting a Forum on Your Own Domain (i think this may be called open-source) Is this vbulletin, xenforo etc?

Is one of these better than the other? a. or b.?

Thanks you so much for your help!

-LiveHappy :)

gxnpt 11-04-2016 06:18 PM

I tacked a forum onto my personal site (and recently had to change the free open source scripting I used for the forum since the original uses functions no longer supported in PHP 7).

Forum scripts/pages are just placed in a folder on the server and main site page links to the forum index page in the folder.

LiveHappy 11-04-2016 06:27 PM

@gxnpt - Thanks for responding :)

liquidwebcouponcodes 12-24-2016 10:57 AM

You can use both BBPress (opensource) or vBulletin (paid). BBPress helps add a forum to your WordPress website where as vBulletin is an exclusive forum script (and not open source) meaning you will have to pay a fee to use vBulletin and receive updates.

If you are just starting I suggest you to get a domain, install WordPress and install BBPress (as a subdomain or a subpage). This will require minimum expenditure.

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