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marlinwoods 01-19-2016 09:58 AM

English, hindi and kannada

Gazala94 01-27-2016 02:49 AM

I can speak Gujarati, Hindi and English languages.

haveaniceday 02-14-2016 02:31 PM

I speak english, german and french, but would be nice to learn some more!

snakeair 02-14-2016 04:30 PM

English is my first Language.

I know some Italian (my nationality) but its' only want my grandmother taught me before she past about 17 years ago.

simon_says 02-15-2016 06:56 AM

A bit of english :P sorry for my mistakes, and polish (my native)

Ocd_Fighter 02-15-2016 11:06 AM

Hindi, English and Urdu.

cynthiafulcanelli 02-18-2016 11:36 AM

I only speak English with a bit of French and Spanish, but I'm not fluent in either of them unfortunately.

saurabht 02-18-2016 10:11 PM

I can speak three languages, which include English, Hindi and Awadhi

premieritzone 02-19-2016 05:07 AM

i can speak Hindi, English and Punjabi

daniel160 03-27-2016 07:56 PM

Only mother language and English as a second language, speak some Krean as well..

packersandmovers 03-28-2016 02:55 AM

I can speak 4 languages fluently and now am trying to learn Tamil and Malayalam
By the way i know English, Hindi, Telugu and Kannada.

ScubaSandy 04-03-2016 10:06 PM

English, German, Swiss German (if that counts as separate language), French and funny enough I understand but do not speak Spanish and Italian :)

JeniAnderson 04-03-2016 11:04 PM

Hey that's nice, I knew Hindi, Tamil, English, Urdu, Telugu, Arabic, Apart from our mother tongue, English is the best and preferable all around the world. Which can be observe and understand easily in my perspective.

Jengaldnik 04-04-2016 05:44 PM

Two for me - English and "spanglish"... haha!

MahaSathi 04-04-2016 07:23 PM

I am a Tamilian.
I can speak English, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada which is all similar to Tamil.

Olulinda 04-06-2016 04:21 PM

English, Spanish, Italian and I can survive in Germany and France

robin13 04-07-2016 04:44 AM

English, Hindi and Punjabi

soda6 04-07-2016 04:57 AM

I can speak English , Hindi and punjabi language very fluently

kumarpramod 04-07-2016 09:22 AM

I can speak Hindi & English...

Mursaleen0 05-14-2016 09:41 AM

Hindi and English I can speak

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