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Silverbee 04-13-2017 05:10 PM

youtube and take downs
My question involves a scenario:

Say a person made a video/cartoon/artwork on an art forum, but after a while they took it all, asking people not to upload it anywhere (essentially an NDA). Her account is still active and on the locked post (which can't be edited), it's dated and stuff, saying not to distribute their art/videos anywhere. I believe she does even have a little NDA notice on the art pieces/videos itself.

While I know that this is the internet and it's forever out there, is there any legal footing for a case like this? Could the artist/creator have their content taken down from youtube using this as evidence of NDA?

I assume there is legal footing since the person doesn't want their art/video out there anymore. While they can't get it all off the internet, if they caught it on youtube, they should be able to get it taken down with that evidence along with evidence of ownership, I assume.

If she did go and try for a take-down, will youtube put her email and name on blast? If you tried to go to the deleted video, will it have her information on there or will it have a simple generic message since she's not a big company like Disney. I'm only asking this because she has taken down videos from sites like mediafire before and they put her email on there and of course was harassed for a bit by the one that uploaded it.

She's been able to take it down from mediafire, google drive, and sites like it, but I'm a little unsure on how youtube would handle it. Would it be just as easy?

HTMLBasicTutor 04-13-2017 09:33 PM

Why would you worry about someone else's business of copyright infringement unless you are guilty of using/posting her work without permission particularly after she has notices not to do so?

Here is YouTube's Copyright Infringement page: Submit a copyright takedown notice

We have a sticky thread Copyright Resources where you can find information about copyright in different countries.

She can send a Cease and Desist regarding copyright infringement to anyone she wants if she has proof that she created it. She can get a site hosted on a web server in North America shut down in a flash if her notice is ignored.;)

Silverbee 04-14-2017 12:37 AM

I asked on their behalf and my curiosity. They asked me about it and I wasn't too sure about the case. I'm really just looking for how legit of a case this is since she doesn't have a real register copyright and only have the automatic one.

*Under most national laws and international copyright treaties you receive a copyright automatically in any original work as you make it. Registration may be required to exercise some rights, like commencing a lawsuit. Copyright does NOT protect ideas. Copyright protects the expression of ideas or the ways in which an idea is materially placed or expressed in the work.*

But I think I found the answer already, so thanks!

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