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Mimi99 12-30-2017 11:43 AM

Anyone Still Hacking through Diaablo 3 here?
I was wondering if anyone is still hacking through Diablo 3 hanging out here...

Did you get the necromancer pack? Was it worth it?

VPSnet 01-08-2018 07:02 AM

Hi Mimi,
You're talking about Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer ? just googled it.
I played D3 such a long time ago, didnt knew something new had came out, maybe its time to blow dust from cd and try it, il leave a review in that case.


JackMiller7 04-02-2018 06:20 AM

I didn't get the necromancer but I did play season 13 as a crusader main, managed to reach GR96 solo, haven't played in a few weeks tho been playing hero's of the storm.

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